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This week saw a huge change in the weather and many different fishing conditions to contend with that left the river looking quite empty by Tongariro standards. I can understand if people are wondering what has happened to the fishing this week as Ross has been pushing the great New Zealand something or other which involves a lot of a exercise and inner thigh chaffing but I will fill you in on the better things in life like trout hunting.
Reports of the tongariro indicate that there is the odd fish coming through the system and those who persevere have been rewarded with some nice fresh spawning fish. The braided area once again has produced fish and they can be polaroided in the shallows so be careful before you charge over these areas trying to rush to places like the Honeypot. Trout caught in the upper river this week have shown evidence that they have been in the system for a little while as they are sporting great spawning colours and can be seen chasing each other around the shallows. Great to see but god they can be frustrating to cast at.

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The barometer dropped on Wednesday night and with hard blowing westerlys on the taupo river mouths we should start to see fish moving into the system. The river has been up and down all week with higher water levels due to high rainfall so with these perfect elements all coming together at one time surely we will start to see good fish moving through by the weekend. Rivers such as the Tauranga Taupo and the Waitahnui have also been in full flood for some time and should also be running hot when they start to recede a little. The beauty about the Tongariro being that it will clear a lot faster than other rivers in the Taupo region and even if it is high we can still find backwaters and bypasses that can be fished and productively. When conditions are like this you can not go past nymphing with huge brightly coloured glo bugs. I know its ugly and goes against ethics but when you have been sat inside all day and only have one option it becomes a really good option.

Pressure from anglers has been fairly good lately and stretches of all rivers in Taupo have been untouched which is really surprising considering we are heading into the main spawning runs and have just had the dreaded school holidays. Maybe people know where the trout have gone? The next few weeks I will expect to be quiet as well and can’t see things changing until the bulk of these fish start streaming through. Remember that DOC are expecting 50% of the annual spawning run to happen in November which is getting very close.

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Once again this week I know for a fact that the lake I reported on last week (Otamangakau) has been firing and a few TRM inmates have great sport taking my advice and fishing the weed beds. This lake is also fishable in terrible weather and you can always hide in the canal to escape a howling wind. I don’t know about you guys but I hate wind, it makes things cold, uncomfortable and hard to cast so being able to escape it is a huge bonus for me. Fishing from the shore is productive and can be rewarding while watching rainbows on their set beats, but it really fires when drifting the weed beds from a small dinghy or float tube. If anyone needs to be shown where and how, I will be spending a little time up there for the next month and can answer any questions or enquiries.

I will be hitting the Tongariro this weekend and think it will fish well due to the conditions that we are experiencing. I’m sure the lower river will be holding fish especially down the end of Graces Rd and those sorts of places.

Till next week tight lines and screaming reels……Andrew Christmas