Hi all fisho’s,

What a week to be fishing!!! Perfect conditions have pretty much hounded Taupo all week with plenty of rain, overcast conditions and a drop in the barometer which has pulled fish up most of taupo rivers and streams. I must admit fishing has been very weird and it seems that the sly trout are deciding to eat every second day and confusing anglers that are planning the perfect ambush. This sounds absolutely ridiculous but I have fished and guided most of the week and there is no consistency to catching fish, one day is hot and you can’t miss the next is terrible and struggling to find any sort of trout anywhere!
Early in the week saw me hunting and fishing in the upper Mohaka region and some great fishing was had with both rainbow and brown trout. These fish really are in superb condition and fight like steam trains, not the best eating specimens for some reason so all fish are generally released. My hunting skills are pretty crap to be honest and any deer that is around that area is very safe from me.

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Tongariro had great conditions all week and the fishing should have been hot in most of the river but as I said was up and down like a yo yo which was frustrating for most TRM inmates. The braided area fished fairly well once again and any fresh run rainbows were inericepted in the usual pools and shallow riffles in this area. Wayne and his wife Nicky had a great morning on Thursday with both anglers claiming their limits of fresh fish which proved to be beautifully conditioned and great eating fish. Wayne has decided to start leaving Nicky at home because the pheromones were proving too strong for our cunning trout and Wayne was finding himself behind in the fish count. Paul was also indulging in the sport in the braided area and had a few nice fish on the bank before long. He was surprised to have trout taking his bomb instead of the glo bug which quite often happens when fishing large heavy hare and coppers.

The upper river was explored as usual and beautiful surroundings taken in which made up for the lack of fish we came across. I fished the Fan pool, Big Boulder and the tail of the Blue pool and did not really find any fish worth talking about. Two small spent jacks were hooked and landed in the Blue pool on small pheasant tails behind heavy bombs.
In hope of finding some fish we all hit the Reeds Pool and Small mans reach further down river as these areas should have been loaded with fish on the way up the river after rain and overcast conditions but once again we were disappointed with not one fish caught between us. This was obviously just an off day and from trends set by these cunning buggers the next was going to be all on which was very true.

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Terminal tackle this week has not changed and small naturals during the day with gin clear conditions have worked well. Try nymphs like green flashback pheasant tails, green caddis and hare and coppers. First thing in the morning you still cant go past a big ugly glo bug of any colour, fish these through any pool with feeding fish first thing and you will be rewarded with hook ups.

A pool of interest this week is the Bain pool which I think has changed in the last flood for the worst. This used to be my favourite pool of the river and I have taken many great fish from it in the past but have not fished it for quite some time until this week. The Bain pool used to be my saving grace in my early days of guiding and I have had many last cast hook ups both with wet lining and nymphing, it was fantastic!
It seems that the entire pool has been shallowed out and I think I could nearly cross to the opposite side by wading straight through the middle of it. The beautiful little back eady pool that used to be by the willow tree on the true right has a big log sat across it and seems to be running too hard to get a realistic drift through it. Shame but that’s nature. I would love to hear from anyone that has fished it with success in the past week or so. It would be great if I was just fishing it wrong and it still has the potential to hold good numbers of fresh runners. Floods on the Tongariro will be the end of me changing every pool I seem to get  a good relationship with. I suppose that’s what brings anglers back time and time again and puts all of us back on a even playing field.

The news that I am about to report to you is without a doubt the biggest and best news that has been reported on the TRM website in a long time. After weeks of reading horrible fishing reports from Ross and the main topic being the flora and fauna of Turangi and the great New Zealand walk about or whatever it was, I have taken it upon myself to launch a website which will leave anglers satisfied and not needing any other for their fishing fix. This website has everything you fisho’s need like flow charts, weather reports, google map finder, fishing packages and, of course, up to date fishing reports, not every day but when i go fishing I will do my best to report to the world.
has only been live for a few days and little things are still to be ironed out but i would love you to scroll through and brouse my new website and report back to me through the new email on any thoughts or suggestions you may have. Please put the site in your favourites list and visit as much as you need to. The success of this new website largely relies on my readers and of course the effort I put into it.

Rain, wind and overcast days are forecasted for the next couple of days and that should liven the river up for all you weekend warriors that are thinking of making the trip up after work on Friday.

Have a great week and until next week “may your waders never dry”  Andrew Christmas