Hi fisho’s,

Just a quick report for you all to see that there are still fish worth chasing in the Tongariro and Taupo rivers. I have guided the last three days and have come across nothing but silver fish that are all in good condition and fighting like a winter spawning fish from the lake. They seem to be everywhere in the Tongariro from the braided area below the bridge to all the way up to the beautiful Fan pool. This pool in particular is holding alot of fish and some huge fish can be seen on clear days in the head of the pool in the deep swirly water.

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Everyone hates this water and I must admit trying to get down to these fish seems impossible sometimes and just when you think you have got the depth right a  swirly pocket of water comes through and wrecks any sort of drift that you have achieved, these fish are safe for now. When the flow is dropped to summer levels the true right of this pool will fish best and is best fished with heavy bombs and small nymphs off the point, depth must be achieved.

Major Jones once again has fished fairly solidly early in the week and i will expect fish to be holding up in here all summer as it is such a long deep piece of water which offers plenty of cover for fish and is great for all methods of Tongariro fly fishing. Wetliners are having dream runs in this pool at the moment with the extra water and big long deep hauls can be achieved from head to tail with not too many snags, so I’m told anyway (bloody wetliners).

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The braids have been fairly busy with anglers (mainly guides) and a few fish are being found in the usual lies especially spot X and the Honeypot. In my opinion the Honeypot is only going to get better in the next couple of weeks with the flow due to drop to 25 cumecs, this will make the pool angler friendly and good drifts will be able to be achieved just the same as last year. The Honeypot has been famous over the years to produce good numbers of trout and I have seen the odd big fish pulled from the pool as well so this is one to watch as the levels are dropped for the summer, who knows what lies in the swirly depths of the head of that pool.

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Went for a walk with Luke up the Waytoohardanuie last night as he had told me that there were some big brownies lurking in the lower reaches and that I should show him how to catch them. Well they were certainly in there but I must admit they are still there as all I managed to do was spook them to deeper harder water to fish, nice one Andy. Managed to pull one rainbow from School masters reach which was in pretty goog nic so she went home with us for Christmas but that was as exciting as it got. These browns should be in here for a while and are quite easily spotted so get up there and check them out, you may even get lucky and catch one in suicidal mode. The picket fence is probaly the best to place to find one of these big old browns at the moment espicially as we go into a new moon so target these with the light up lumos on a intermediate line.

So that was just a quick report so you have an idea whats going on early in the week and I will follow through with a full report by the weekend. Have a good week at work people, I know I am.