Hi Guys, this report will be very quick as I have plenty to organize for tomorrow and need to plan for  a family of 5 tomorrow (god help me). I have been on the river this morning and was lucky not to get my first skunking for a very long time but the Honeypot produced a lovely fish that made things alright.

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The Tongariro is back to normal again and is flowing at 27 cumecs which is typically what we should be used to seeing at this time of year and we better get used to it and adjust to it. The braided area this morning almost looked a little washed away and I’m not to sure if I like it down there at the moment as I am so used to alot more water to  play with. I did’nt have to use much weight at all and was bouncing flies along the bottom with just two small tungsten beads instead of the good old 5.5 ml tungstens, this was making for much easier casting for my clients and thy seemed happy enough learning how to cast. We once again didn’t see another angler apart from one gentleman down the plank pool which is very easy to get to now.

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I hoped we could take of on the foot that we left on two days ago but that was not the case and all the fish that were in the braids two days ago I think have moved through to deeper pools up river. Spot X produced nothing and we could not see any fish sitting in the fast water so there cant be too many down that way at the moment. My French clients did manage to pull a good fish from the Honeypot and that really made her day as she was only hoping for a fish of a pound or so not one of our hard fighting spawning Tongariro steam trains. The Honeypot does seem to give a much better drift now the flow has dropped and I would say will be the pick of the pools down the braids for a while with fish taking cover in the deeper swirly water which the Honeypot offers.

 I think today was bad fishing due to the sudden drop in water and it may just take a couple of days for things to settle down again before the fish in the river adjust and come back on the feed. Cant be nice knowing that the tank is being drained and you may suddenly find yourself out of water (have to think like  a fish ).

My advice will be to target bigger deeper pools for a few days and leave areas that have been affected by the water drop for things to settle down. Plenty of good browns in those deep holes so be ready for a  suprise or a really fresh silver rainbow as there seem plenty of fresh runners in the system at the moment.

I bet that there is Mum’s and Dad’s out there with no Christmas presents yet and are really stuck for things to get the person that they love so much. I have a idea for you , why not book a fishing trip with me it will be the best present that you could give to someone and may encourage them to go with you or even let you go more often. Contact me as soon as possible through the website and get that date secured.

Hope everyone is sorted for Christmas and Santa treats you well.

Andrew Christmas