Hi all, this will be the last report before Christmas as I have not touched on presents food or beer yet and if I don’t get her majesty something I will not be able to go fishing Christmas morning.

Most anglers on the Tongariro seem to be picking  a few fish up here and there but no particular pools or runs seem to holding big numbers at the moment, atleast I haven’t found them anyway. The braided area will eventually give  a fish up if you spend enough time down there but it is looking quite low and pools have changed so you need to learn this area again thats for sure. The plank pool under the pines seems to be the best pool down that way and is easily waded to from the braids as is the Honeypot, so it seems to  me that the bigger deeper pools are the first places to try at the moment.

Mike and I went up river two days ago and had a good couple of hours in my favourite pool from last summer that you can now just get at and managed to hook 8 or 9 between us. Things were a bit quiet until I tied in a size 20 green caddis and as soon as I did we started picking fish up reguarly we also started loosing them just as quick but it proved that they were in there and just had to be tempted.

Your nymphing rig should now be a wee bit lighter if you are still using the winter full flow set up you will be picking up quite a lot of the bottom so just down size that bomb to avoid that, it makes casting a lot nicer as-well. I haven’t fished the Admirals for quite some time and I have never really caught a lot of fish in that stretch of river but I did peer over the cliff the other day and saw a lot of fish sitting throughout the in tire pool so it may be worth the walk up to see what it has to offer now the flow has dropped. Admirals is famous for holding big Brownies and with all these fish in the river at the moment it would be a good place to target these big buggers during the day or ideally at night with a big black fur fly.

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The dry fly should be a productive way of fishing at the moment espicially with Cicadas really starting to roar on hot days but I have not seen any fish rising during the day so unfortunately I have not been seen the tout chasing my fly across the surface, surely it’s only a matter of time before this style of fishing goes crazy. The evening rise I think has started on some hot evenings but I’m usually all packed away to see that action I might have to stay at the motel one night this week and see what is about.

I went for a long sweaty, hot, stinky, tiring walk the other day with Mike down the lower Tongariro (sounds kinky does’nt it) to try and find some big browns that should be in the system at the moment and for the next few months, but we came back empty handed and frustrated (because we didn’t catch any) not for any other reason. We sighted the odd big fish in amongst the willow trunks and saw a few Rainbows on their way up the river which looked fresh so thats encouraging. This is a hard place to fish and very plain looking it doesn’t have the charm of the true Tongariro thats for sure and access can be a little hard at times so cant rave on too much about this area, tho the odd big fella is lurking down there.

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Just remember lighter flurocarbon leaders, lighter bombs and smaller flies like #16 #18 or #20 and you will still do ok in the Tongariro, welcome to summer fishing.

Tight lines and dont drink too much, Andrew Christmas