Hi all,

       I hope all had a great day yesterday and you received plenty of presents and ate and drank till you fell asleep snoring and dribbling in front of the relatives, that’s how most Christmas days end up. Christmas is not my thing and eating and drinking all day makes for a long and uninspiring day, maybe it will change when kids come along  to keep people busy.

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Taupo is a happening place at the moment and it seems everyone holidaying in New Zealand is passing through or stopping the odd night which is fantastic, resulting in days out on the lake chasing trout. I have spoken with the guys working on the boats and they are all really happy with the quantity and quality of the fish that they are pulling up from 100ft with the down riggers and jigging sets. One boat operator reported catching 45 fish in three outings which makes my stomach turn as I know those fish don’t recover properly once being dragged up from those depths with copper or lead lines. This style of fishing does not appeal to me at all but it is obviously a productive way to have  a few beers a social chat and a pull a  dead weight up from the depths.

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Fish are being caught in all mouths of rivers and the odd fish can be seen splashing in and out of them chasing smelt which is a fantastic thing and can be exciting productive fishing. You will still catch quite alot of recovering fish at the moment at these locations but you will also pick up some beauties as well, just like Luke Sawyer did yesterday afternoon at the picket fence fishing  an intermediate line and a Wooley Bugger with plenty of sparkle. Brown trout will also be getting caught at these places fishing the same methods but you may alter your fly to something big and black and just fish on the change of light or in complete darkness to up the chances of encountering one of these fish.

The Tongariro has a few more people on it now with the holiday season in full swing and all the town pools are regually getting a line run through them so I would say the upper river and places that take a bit of effort to get to may be the best chance of a productive session.

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Another option is to beat the crowds and get stuck into the pools as early as possible which isn’t always easily done if you are on holiday mode and snuggled up with the sweet one.

Summer fishing methods need to be applied now on all Taupo rivers as they are generally fairly low and very clear so be aware that they can also see you fairly well and can be stubborn in what they will and wont take as food. My best advice is to use the longest leader you are comfortable with, cast accurate and quietly and use small natural patterns to suit the day. Fish can be picky at this time of year so don’t be scared to to try different flies even ones that you wouldn’t use in a thousand years, you will be surprised how fish see flies and what they will take. Dry fly action I am waiting to see any day now and with he amount of Cicadas and flies on the water they should really be zeroed in on them already, maybe we just need a few hot days in a row to turn them on.

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With all the sitting around the last few days I have managed to get the fly box looking pretty impressive and got all the dry’s treated so they don’t sink in three casts, so it will be interesting to see how long it stays looking like that as I have virgin clients for the next week or so and flies are bound to be lost.

Hope everyone continues to have a safe holiday period and if you have nothing to do get up to the Tongariro and say hello,plenty of river and fish to keep everyone inspired.

Tight lines , Andrew Christmas