Ok people this is the last time I will rave on about the mighty Tongariro but who wouldn’t with the condition of the fish my clients have pulled out in the last day or two. They are almost all silver, fat and in good condition with the most orange flesh which is a sign that they have shot up and through the system fairly quickly from the depths of Lake Taupo. On top having top quality fish in the river I have hardly sighted another angler in the upper river and even had the braids to myself for a while today, I don’t know why???

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Where are you all, back-country, South Island or is there some place I don’t know about with 90% double figure fish? I cant comment on any other Taupo river but i shouldn’t imagine they are seeing much fishing pressure either but I also don’t think they would be fishing as well. I can tell when the tourists are in town because the Waitahnuie straight and mouth is getting a flogging from SPIN fisherman. Most of them have no idea that they are doing something wrong but if I am seeing them as I drive past you would think that DOC might stop in and enforce the laws they made!

I guided two guys from Germany today and they were fantastic to spend the day with, plenty of funny laughs, falling in’s and a few great fish. The trout we caught today were all in the upper river and by inspecting the photo’s you can see how fresh and great condition they are in, which for this time of year we are very lucky to see them and have the chance to target them.

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Hare and Coppers were on the menu and all fish opted to take the larger ones which also went against summer ethics of small naturals and flurocarbon, so I cant work it out have never changed my mind so many times in one season. All I can report is that they are there and feeding and you wont catch them saving yourself for the winter runs as we know what happened to them this year. I think I am still fairly correct when telling guys to keep moving if you are not getting any action as you will only waste your day and say that bloody Andrew Christmas is a liar there is no fish in here. I must admit I have been blessed with fit young people and making deep crossings and wading fast water has not been a issue for me to consider to the point of changing my daily plans. My daily plan starts about 8pm the night before and changes until I’m pretty much pulling up in the car park, I always try and think of the best scenery to show my punters but also better their chances of getting into Trout. I also speak alot with my clients on the way to the river and see what they expect from the day and what they wish to  take away from the experience, some are happy with being outdoors and learning a new skill others want to fill the chilly bin with fish which we all know doesn’t happen.

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I have not seen a brown for a day or so but i’m sure they are hiding in the deeper pools or down in the lower river amongst the willows which they are welcome to staying amongst that lot,I don’t have enough flies to target that area. Once again I have seen the odd fish pop up in most pools to take some sort of floating squirming insect but have not witnessed any constant rising which is what I need to get excited.

Hope you are enjoying the read any feed back is always welcome (positive).

Thanks again, Andrew