The Taupo region still seems to be have alot of traffic, no vacancy signs and busy cafes but you all must have something better to do than trout fishingwhen holiday as all Taupo rivers are quiet with angling pressure which is providing great opportunities for the rest of us that no there is nothing else in life apart from fishing and maybe loose women, but fishing is much safer.

Again I think that the average New Zealander seems to think or has been led to believe that the Taupo rivers will only fish well with spawning runs but my god we are seeing some beauties in these rivers at the moment if you only refine your skills and approach to catching these fish. We all know now that there are some huge brownies in the Tongariro and Waitahnuie but they are big for a reason and timing and precision casting is needed to see these fish come unstuck, of coarse night is another option to target browns and probaly  a higher chance of some action.

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I have not talked about the braids for a little while now and I have not been down in that area as I dont like the look of it with such low water but any fish that are pushing through the system has to pass that gravely part of the river so with low water they also may be easy to locate. The braided area in recent years has also provided some great dry fly action so maybe that fast water will be the first place to see consistent rises and we can do away with our fluffy indicators and weighted nymphs. Lately I have been dreaming of pieces of yarn and indicators, I would hate to think how many hours a week I watch clients indicators float down the river.

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Once again the upper river has been kind to me and and I have been pretty much stuck in 3 or 4 pools as they have always produced fish and they are in an awesome part of the river so if the fishing is slow the scenery is making up for it. I had quite  a difficult morning  the other day with a two young fellas from South Korea which really could not speak much English at all and had never picked up a fly rod so the basics were hard to get across, mend, drift, nymphs, fluffy thing was all very foreign to them and they stared at me blankly. After 20 minutes of explaining and demonstrating i handed them the rods and hoped for the best and just hoped that I could jump between the both of them untangling and guiding them the best i could with big hand movements. As soon as I turned my back I heard splashing and my reel screaming, somehow this unlucky trout had hooked himself and was freely taking of down river and heading for the next rapid which would ensure his escape. I had not even bothered to mention how to play a fish as that would totally confuse the poor guys, anyway we were able to stop and turn the silver fish and after some yelling and anxious moments we netted the unlucky suicidal fish which soon became sashimi on the river bank. The trout was beautiful in colour with orange flesh which many at the moment seem to have so perfect for what they were doing with it,so I’m told I didn’t play part in that but they certainly got a buzz from it.

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I have a fantastic job I dont think there are too many of you that would disagree with me on that and it just shows that you dont have to know a bloodything about fly fishing to have a great day on the river, these Korea boys were a perfect example of that and I got a real satisfied feeling in taking them out for the morning and showing them a piece of heaven.

I don’t think the fishing has changed a great deal from last week and most of you that keep moving and apply summer tactics will do very well with nice condition fish.

Tight lines, Andrew