Hi people, once again I have had a fantastic few days and met some really unique individuals which make my life very straight forward being a professional Tongariro River Guide. There are two people that have changed my mind about things and made me feel lucky for who I am, what I have and what I have seen in my fairly short life. I had an afternoon with Peter  who has down syndrome , which was such a hoot and we both enjoyed each-others company and cant wait to take him again and share his humour and talk about what he has done in his life while speed skiing in many Para Olympics.

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This guy has seen twice as much of the world as me and is not letting anything stop him in what he wants from life, I was lucky enough to show him fly fishing and hopefully he can tick that of the to do list  and maybe we can share that again. We both had a great session and although not catching any fish I could see he was happy just standing in the river and doing something that was new to him.

Another enjoyable experience was guiding Ron Palmer from Roseberg-USA, he had no experience but it was his Fathers dying wish that he catch a wild Rainbow trout from New Zealand. Unfortunately Ron’s father passed and was not able to fill that dream so that is why Ron was here and doing it for him,I really felt the pressure after he told me this and knew I wasn’t going to let him go without fulfilling his fathers dream. I knew where we were going and had total confidence in my little upper river ripper pool so we walked in with high hopes and good spirits.

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Casting instruction was the first ten minutes and it wasn’t long before Ron was pumping the line out and I knew he would achieve his goal and please his father. STRIKE, was the call and Ron pounced  into action setting the hook deep into the roof of the Rainbows mouth and she was all on bro, as Ron would now say. Minutes later Ron achieved what he had come to do and had the first trout in the bag, to see this man’s eyes well up with tears drove home to me that I am in the right job, the pleasure really was all mine. Ron went onto land three fish from the same pool before we retired to the coffee cart to reflect on a good morning fishing. Great work mate.

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The Tongariro has been solid all week and plenty of fish have been sighted and taken in most pools fished which is not surprising as they have had bugger all pressure on them so fish are relatively calm and feeding freely. I happened to be on the river with one very keen client from Hong Kong at 6am in the morning, getting up at that crazy hour proved to pay off as we sighted alot of rising fish and was back in the car with 13 under our belt by 9am, what other river can you do that on ?? Hint, this was the upper river again with a hard crossing.

Hare and Coppers are the fly of the week and it doesn’t seem to matter how big and ugly they are, bigger the better? I have no idea why as I am usually going on about small patterns but they seem to take size #10 just as good as any other in this particular pattern. I try and get my personal fly tyer to make them fairly scruffy with bushy tails and a little bit of flash sewn into them just for a bit of a twist on the standard pattern. Such a versatile fly, I have seen so many great variations on such a simple pattern and they always seem to catch fish on hard days.

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Big Browns are still cruising the willows of the lower river and are just waiting to be cast at, they are hard and cunning but eventually one has to slip up lets hope it’s one of you that cash’s in on this mistake. I get frustrated and chuck the towel in much to easy but you people that love a challenge and have good skills should really consider spending the day chasing these trophy’s.

Tongariro still the pick of the Taupo rivers and I will expect it to stay that way for the summer, actually it’s always like that who am I trying to kid.

Keep safe, be lucky


Just quickly folks fished with two German lads this morning in pouring rain on the mighty Tongariro, memorys of the winter soon were appearing in my head.

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The boys had not fished before and a quick lesson on casting and drifts and all that boring stuff and they were into it and doing very well. We fished one of my upper river gems and quickly pulled 5 great trout from the fast water using large Hare and Coppers. Check these fish out as you can see there is no old spent fish in here the best being 4 lb of silver bullet with super orange flesh, maybe they are eating smelt in the lake afterall.

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Fishing is all go people and we are having great days here at the moment, WHERE ARE YOU