Hey Guys, After an amazing few days in the backcountry taking an amazing raft trip with good friends, I now find myself tramping around the banks of the mighty Tongariro and local Taupo tributaries which I feel very at home doing. With rivers like the Waytoohardanuie, Hinnemia , Tauranga Taupo and the mighty Tongariro we are spoilt for choice with good fishing eventuating in most of them.

I had quite a few hours on the Tongariro the other day and really wanted to push the Cicada and see what it would produce if I didn’t change anything at all so i would have a good idea if they really were zeroed in on one thing. In about 4 hours we had 4 fish taken on the Cicada which I think is hard fishing considering we covered alot of my favourite runs and to be honest I expected more. If I had a second rod set up with the Tongariro nymphing slayer rig we would have been able to run the dry and dropper through first then test the depths with the deep running nymphs. Better fish are being caught nymphing the river bed and older slabbyer fish are turning up and cracking the dry for one reason or other. Lets just take a minute to have a think about where we are picking up fish with different methods, fast deep water=silver fish,,,,,slow water=recovering fish.

The fish that take the dry seem to be in the slower water recovering and trying to decide if they should shoot back to the lake and when they see a  huge meal like a Cicada he will have it. The better fish which are very silver and strong are working hard in the fast water nymphing and they will be caught with a natural pattern presented at them. I saw a heap of good fish in the Admirals pool looking from the car park so they should be moving through the system and I know where I will encounter them in the next few days when they arrive at my killer lie (hopefully)

Great reports have been phoned  in with the good numbers of fish scattered through out the Tauranga Taupo and although low, the river is looking quite good.

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Rivers like these will produce fish in the summer months but it is when you just have to fish stealth mode and forget about the bomb and glo bug and look for more suttle options like light natural nymphs or dry and dropper. Light nylon or fluro will also help the cause and assure that the stalking method doesn’t go to waste. You don’t have to walk up to the limit pool to encounter fish, my favourite is under the power lines which is not far in at all, these fish seem to group in here so once you found them don’t wonder to far (unless you see me coming).

The Hinnemia has a load of small dinks in it and they will smash your dry and give you some great entertaining fishing that will keep you interested. I don’t know about you guys but I would fish for guppies if that’s all that was in there so catching small fish is not an issue to me. Most of the upper river will give you fish to play with so try those Cicadas or small Wulffs in the fast little runs and get ready to get a reaction.

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The Waytoohardanuie has fished really well and my next door neighbour has been doing well down low and reports on some very big brownies that are cruising the edges, that cant be caught. Bullshit, they can all be caught people “fear no fish” just got to be in the right place at the right time as my Dad would say.

As you can see the fish are there and the anglers are not so the time is right to try those patterns that your Grandad gave you or the one that your best mate told you about and put things to the test. Still my river is the Tongariro but that’s because I fish it with confidence and expect that if I do the right thing the fish will appear, it’s a bit like the saying “look after the penny’s and the pounds take care of themselves”

Have a great week guys, Andrew