Hi Guys,

Hope that you all enjoyed the long weekend and you were able to sneak out and wet a line in the local river we certainly had a few of you in the Tongariro which was nice to see. I’m glad that people were in the area and having a go at the fantastic fishing that is on offer at the moment with dry fly and in particular the Cicadas as we have no idea what next year will bring.

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I guided all of last week and the public holiday and found that the majority of you still were fishing the town pools and easy to get at water which is fine you just have to remember to move around a little to keep the water fresh and exciting. I have generally been way up around the Blue pool and have been doing very well throughout the day, I’d do even better if I had a Cicada with a decent hook on it (lets not go there).

Still the river is giving up some wonderful silver fish but today I must admit all the fish we landed were a little old and tired which  is ok for beginners that haven’t had any experience with silver steam trains yet. As you can see from the photos quite alot of big and pretty browns are being caught throughout so you never no what will be on the end of that dry when it is slurped under, mind you will have a fare idea when it is hooked as the browns react totally different to the Rainbows.

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In any given pool past the bridge I have been seeing browns in the slower water of the pool so fish cautiously and don’t dismiss these areas for not holding fish as this is where big browns lie after feeding all night and occasionally can be fooled into the Cicada or even the dropper if it is waved across his nose.

I actually managed a day of on Sunday and as any good fishing guide does I went in search for new water that clients may be suited to. I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Hughes and we took of to the lower reaches at the end of Graces Rd in search of brownies. We parked up and walked from the gate all the way back to the braids via various fisherman made tracks and brownies we did find and many, many of them. The casting and fishing in these areas is challenging and almost all the fish we didn’t even have a go at as they were tucked perfectly under branches, logs, rocks and overhanging willow trees and with Mike being a tight bastard he wouldn’t risk one of his perfectly tied patterns.In saying that we did fish and had alot of fun with Mike getting three and I landed three including a good brownie each so that was nice to experience as so often I’m used to just walking behind the client watching and advising where to cast.

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I also caught Mikes dog Jake in the ear on my back cast which was different and he probably made the best first run of all things hooked that day but all in all he was very good and didn’t squirm too much while we bent the barb and fed it back through the same hole. Lately as most of you know the weather has been horribly hot and walking back that far in the heat is something I wouldn’t do every day but with the fish and experience under our belt it was well worth it.

I guided two chaps from America this morning and we found ourselves on the right hand side of Judges fairly early hoping again for some Cicada action. It was not long and we were into our first fish which happened to be a brownie of maybe 3lb that was sipping from the surface quite regularly at the head of the pool. Once hooked the fish gave a hell of a fight with great aerial acrobats before earning freedom with a midstream release which was ok as we had heaps of time and things could only get better, and that it did.

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Appearing from the brambles on the other side of the river came a woman on her bicycle which she wheeled to the waters edge and positioned on the rocks with her helmet and back pack, she was blonde and I would say about 20 something. Before my eyes she began to take her top and bra of and reveal quite sizable breasts to me and my clients on the other side of the river which was a real surprise and my attention on a floating Cicada down the river had well and truly been distracted. Clients and I were chuckling to ourselves and then witnessed her take all her bloody clothes off and jump in the river and began washing herself in the pristine Tongariro waters. Fishing guides have tough jobs as it is let alone having to put up  with this sort of action, I could hardly flick the fly in the right lie all day after that. Clients were stoked with the mornings strip show and the fishing was ok as well, I’ve always told you that I always try to look after my clients every need but I don’t know how often I can pull that one of.

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I was quite impressed but one fella said she should work on her tan but I was really not to worried about that as there are not to many Californian beach babes swimming the Tongas. As usual the camera was left in the car so no glory shots of that morning unfortunately, Ross may have been in the bush’s somewhere tho might see if he got any.

All in all fishing has been very good and fishing dry fly with dropper and moving about the river will ensure you get some great sport and who knows the Judges MERMAID  may just be back if you are lucky.

Tight lines, be lucky -Andrew