Hi people,

Just a short report to keep you regular readers up to date on whats been happening on the river and what I expect  the next couple of weeks to hold. Generally I have found the fishing to be fairly slow on the dry fly since we had the flood last Saturday and really haven’t had constant rising fish in any of the pools that I would usually be racing to get to in the mornings.

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I have noticed a reduction in the numbers of Cicadas around and with bad weather on the way in the next day or so I should think that it will almost put an end to a fantastic Cicada season. In saying that the weather does some unusual things and we may have another good belt of weather which should encourage the life span of the Cicada and keep up some exciting fishing before we drop back to the standard nymphing rig.

The rig that I have fished the last few days has been quite simple with a cicada on the surface followed by a dropper about metre under it and found that if you find a happy medium with the weight of the dropper it wont sink ure dry, and you can have the best of both worlds while still achieving the desired depth with the nymph. Caddis seems to be thick in the water at the moment and any fish that I have caught and kept with clients have all been spewing the little beauties so that is a good heads up to what to use as a nymph.

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Travis who is a lawyer in Melbourne fished with me today and caught a nice fish from the Cliff pool in that backwater that we usually trudge on through using a para adams. The fish was sighted just breaking the surface and feeding ever so quietly but regularly, this is typical behaviour of fish that are picking up mosquito larvae or other very small midges in the film of the water so a very small dry with perfect presentation was a must indeed. The trout was that busy feeding he didn’t even notice the first cast that ended up in the tree and we were granted a second chance which ended up being scoffed down with a little suck of water, the end result being a good fish pulled onto the bank and another happy snap for the scrapbook.

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Trout are still about people for those who like to explore and get into areas that cant be driven to and with the wet weather on the way you never know  what will be pushed into the system or pushed up the river from under the willows down river (brownies)!! The only chance of getting stuck into these fish that are on offer is to come up and see what I’m raving on about every week and back yourself with confidence and have a crack, or you could just get a professional guide.!

Thanks again, Andrew Christmas