Hi guys,

The heading says it all from a  fishing point of view on the Tongariro and to be honest some days I have been twiddling my thumbs wondering what to use and where to go next as the fishing has been very quiet ever since the flood on the weekend. I must admit I may have put my foot in it when I said it would be red hot after the flood but I was basing my assumption on past experiences and what is supposed to happen.

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I have guided every day this week and as you can see from lack of new photos not alot has been landed part from a few fish of 6 inches or so which seem to be in most of the fast water at the moment. On the positive side this is good to see as at least we know there are  a few coming through for years to come and I really hope they make it back to the lake safely to put on weight and condition.

Small fingerlings or young fish has just jogged my memory into  a topic that I have been meaning to bring up with readers and that is about those big black bastard birds that for some reason are protected by the government. Cormorants must be running havoc in the rivers all around New Zealand and filling up on pounds of fish per day and the ones that they cant swallow they seem to scar and infect the fish with shag worm.

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We all have caught fish with ugly scars and horrible growths that appear on the outside of the skin on our lovely trout and we can thank our native black cormorant for  that. Why protect the bastards they are no good for nothing,eat our young fish, scar our bigger fish, stunt the growth of all fish and shit on anything that happens to be in their path ??? Thank god for duck season I know the numbers are decreased in those three months.

Sorry for getting side tracked and getting back onto the fishing in the Taupo region. I have noticed a few fish rising in the evenings and even during the day but cant seem to get them into any sort of feeding action on my fly so they must be hitting midges or very small larvae in to surafce film, so if you have the right fly and you have good eye sight you may be in with a good chance of striking these smaller fish.

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I have not spotted any browns in the past few days which is unusual as we had so many in the system before that bad weather,they must be somewhere. I spoke to another guide on the river the other day and he also expressed the same amount of luck and he thought they may have all been pushed back to the lake, I didn’t think we had enough water to do that but it may have been the case. Nice to hear of others struggling when you are isn’t it.

Sorry for the bad news but at least it’s the truth, lets hope for a good weekend!!

Tight lines Andrew