Hi Guys, Rain has managed to stay away from most of the Taupo region but the wind has made things difficult with casting for beginners and even the most experienced fisherman. Wind knots, flies in the back and line landing in a heap is something that we are all familiar with but is also something we just have to adjust to and learn to deal with. Some things that I do to get out of the wind is find a pool with plenty of water behind you so water loading your cast can be done easily, good pools for this may be Major Jones, Judges Pool, Sand Pool and the Hydro.

Getting on the right side of the river will also be advantageous to you as you can quite often use a stiff breeze to your advantage and achieve great casts into the heads of pools. Mending is also a  issue at times when the breeze is blowing hard down the river and you need to mend back up river to get  a decent drift and the weight of the line is no match for the stiffness of the wind. I can put up with rain and although not nice on the day I can see the benefits of it but it really leaves me stumped when trying to think of whats good about wind as it wrecks so many outdoor activities for everyone, i suppose the wind farms in the Manawatu like it as it generates power.

The fishing over the weekend seemed to be fairly solid and everyone was able to find something for their efforts when fishing the Tongariro. The Tongariro is still holding solid little Rainbows which must have pushed up with the rain and they have been feeding quite well in the town pools and put up a hell of a fight which is great to experience. We are lucky to be seeing these sort of fish at the moment as we are at a very difficult time of the year and between seasons having most of the dry fly passed and not really seeing any spawning runs just yet so the next month or so will be hardish.

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Charter boats and boat fisherman have had some awesome fishing with plenty of fish coming to the net from around the 50-100 feet mark caught trolling leadlines and down riggers (harsh words aren’t they). These fish have improved dramatically since last year and are conditioned up really well so I’m picking that this winter the spawning runs are going to be alot more rewarding and consistent than the one we have just experienced. The fish they have been finding are not huge but if they can turn around from being small under conditioned fish, to now being good condition it will not take too long to put the pounds on and become respectable trout like we are used to. Great report on Ross’s website this week from a reader which obviously is a very experienced Rotoroua fisherman which had nothing but good things to say about the Tongariro fishery and that it is so much better than the smelly fishery that has in the past produced fish superior in size when compared to Taupo,sounds like the tide is turning again. Every fishery goes through tough times and we were told that it will take time to improve and recover from whatever effected it years ago, but finally I think we are improving and the fishing is slowly getting better so we might all just enjoy the glory days again if things can keep sweet, just have a look at the size and condition of our brownies for example!. TROPHYS

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I think at this stage I have a couple of days coming up which should be for myself as guiding has got gaps in it this week so myself and Dad will be doing our best in the lower river to hook a decent brown. The way I see it is if you have caught plenty of trout in your time but haven’t caught alot of large fish you should make the most of  whats available now as they wont be there forever and it wont be long and the river will have plenty of spawning fish arriving.

Good luck, Andrew