Hi people, Finally I have time to let you all know what has been happening around and Taupo and surrounding regions on the fishing front. Reports to all my loyal readers have been slack I must admit and I do apologize but things have not been that great around the river and I have been struggling to find any good numbers of fish with or without clients.

There are fish in the rivers and from what I have seen they have been in very good condition and generally have been larger than what we saw at the same time last year so I really am believing we will be in for a good winter. Tongariro trout have been awkward and catching any numbers of  fish at the moment just has not happened and I have had a few days this week of landing just 1 or 2 fish and being glad that we at-least got of the mark as many have not been so lucky. Most rivers are very clear and still becoming low which is making the fishing harder by the day I am very nearly considering church this week and praying for rain and  a good flood to start the new spawning season off. The lower river is where most of my fishing has been concentrated and still occasionally we are taking the odd rainbow on the Cicada so they must remember what they are as we have not seen any in that region for some time now.

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Still big browns lurk in that water and I really have seen some crocodiles this week but my god they seem to sit in some difficult positions which I cant get at. Most of these monsters are lying dogo and are really hard to catch and my poor little brain has been working overtime while marching back to the truck thinking of new ways to try and get some interest out of these fish. As usual I have heard of the odd fish coming to the net at night fishing the wetline with a Olive Wooley bugger or something very similar, its not a  method or a time that I enjoy to fish as I get enough tangles during the day let alone at night. If after all this doom and gloom you are still keen to tackle these difficult fish stick to nymphing small naturals with as low as 5lb fluro and work the pocket water or faster water in the pools as they are rich in oxygen and high in dislodged food.

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The Waytoohardanuie is exactly the same and nothing much has changed from last week and you can even probaly  spot  the same browns lying in the same lie as if they were stuck on the spot. The river did receive a half decent run of fish through it early in the week but they seem to have run up pretty quickly and dispersed quite well by now. The fish are in fantastic condition and just taking a walk up from the bridge you could guarantee yourself to see plenty of big fish which will still be there when you leave I should imagine. The lower river is getting alot of attention from tourists at the minute which walk up with no waders and two flys but they dont seem to wander far as the sand flies chase the fresh blood all the way back to the car pretty quickly.

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Shane French fish’s this water alot and has guided some great days with  his knowledge of this river, if you would like to know where he has been fishing follow the empty blackberry bush’s along the river as he is worse than a bear when it comes to berries.

I did mention that I have managed to find  a good imitation of the lace moth and should be able to catch all those hard to catch fish that rise like crazy all evening to the tiny little flies that seem to be everywhere at the moment but with alot of trialing this week I am still none the wiser apart from  the fact that they dont work either.

I think I need to start tying little flies of about size #22 that look like black midges or mosquito larvae I think but time is tough to find at the moment and may have to get NZ number #1 tyer to whack a few out for me, Brian.

I have ventured away from the Taupo region this week chasing hard fighting fish of our special backcountry waters and sitting in the car for over 3 hours paid of as we caught some great fish that are still hitting big Royal Wullfs from the fast water, so its nice to know that not all fish are on strike at the moment. The fighting abilities of wild fish still amaze me and with my client fishing a #4 weight rod they gave great sport and had him rock hoping and backtracking with every fish. Some of our special little gems will fish well all season on the dry fly as long as you concentrate on the fast water and fish flies that are easily seen by fish in fast water.

Hope I have something more to report for the next few days and really hope for improved fishing as once again my week has been filled with hopeful clients which all want to experience our fantastic fish, I  will do my best.

Tight lines, Andrew