Hi all, How good is the taupo weather at the moment, I love this time of year still days, good temperatures and you just generally feel alive. Daylight saving has gone and we are all starting to adjust to the loss of light but I think we all know it is just going to get worse as the harshness of the winter sneaks up on us.

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Something I personally love about the winter is the brisk, still, icy cold mornings that always turn into cracking sunny days by 10 o’clock. I know it’s not always like that and our winters can be very unforgiving with wind that cuts you in half and rain that seems to eat through the best of wading jackets. I would still rather be outside than be stuck in a office looking out the windy dreaming of spawning silver bullets, I am lucky.

Yesterday I went out in the boat with my friend as it was such a perfect still evening so we packed a few refreshments and launched the boat in the harbour. We travelled for no longer than 20 minutes before we switched on the sounder and hunted for somewhere to fish which would suit my mates favourite style of fishing, jigging.

I personally hate jigging and am almost against it but as I had not tried it before I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it  a try. I must admit it was quite relaxing sitting on the side of the boat chatting and sipping on a refreshment and watching the afternoon sun lower in the sky it could not have been more romantic for two grown men but it did not compare to the art of fly fishing.  We landed 4 good silver fish in an hour or so and all fish that we kept had awesome flesh just as the charter boys were telling me which made for great supper on returning home. All in all an hour of jigging was not to bad but I still don’t think it is the right way to fish for trout and there is no comparison to our fly fishing sport. All fish we landed were caught on a smelt fly called a Jack Spratt, a fly which has been famous for a long time and has been a favourite of many lake fisherman.

Enough of that rubbish how about we talk about the river where the real fish get seen and captured the mighty, magestic Tongariro. Things have continued to fish ok and most of the fish that were spotted over the weekend have moved through and distributed evenly through the best holding pools that I spoke of in the last report. I will still expect to see jacks to be trickling through and taking up residence in the best spawning water awaiting the arrival of the hens laden with eggs. Globugs will be worth trying at the moment especially first thing in the morning after a cold and frosty start. Something to keep in mind which usually drags a few fish into the river will be the recreational water release that will be happening on the 18th, be cautious if you are on the river as it should rise a foot or so above its natural flow. This would also be a good time to take advantage of the dirty water and track down some of those brownies in the backwater or sides of main runs using bright glo bugs or swinging the wet.

Angling pressure is non existent at the moment and I think Ross at the motel is even getting out for a fish today and shutting the door so that shows you how quiet it really is. Town pools will also be occupied by the locals fishing 15lb leaders and glo bugs but if you just think outside the square you will have every chance of experiencing great untouched fishing all day (almost backcountry). Somewhere that I keep meaning to get in at and have a look at is the Boulder Reach. When I first started fishing the Tongariro this was my best pool and would never leave without landing 6 or 7 fish before 8am during the winter. The pool has changed slightly but the lie is still towards the tail or in amongst the boulders in the middle depending on what side you are fishing it from. This is perfect holding water and is best fished with a nymph of some description,the catch for this pool is it usually needs a long cast which not all of us are totally confident with.

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The photo of the mad man that has just escaped from the home is Mike Hughes, as you can see when he leaves Turangi to go home he ends up going crazy-he needs to be fishing.

Enough to keep you interested, have a great few days wherever you may be and will try and touch base again during the week.

Kind Regards