Hi guys, Today I received a last minute call to guide an elderly couple from France so I threw all the gear in the truck and rushed of to pick them up at 2pm for a half day trip in the local area. As it was already late in the afternoon and they were not the youngest of clients I decided that the Waytoohardanuie may be worth a look espicially after the rain we received yesterday. I dont like or enjoy guiding this water but it is handy when you have these situwations and need a quick fix for a trout or two.

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We parked the truck at the Tottra bridge car park down Blake Rd and made our way down the true left bank of the river which now has a well worn 4wd track down it. All of a sudden just that came tearing around the corner slamming on the anchors with local boys yahooing and carry on at my clients-great start. As we got further down the track it got worse with beer cans, pie wrappers, catalogues, burbon and coke boxes and cans and the odd bag of that fine take away Mc Donalds. I hurried down the track in front of the French clients to try and push any obvious litter to the side so the NZ experience was not as bad as it actually is when visiting this town. Then we struck the jackpot,2 full bags of household garbage in the middle of the track with a rat coming out of the top of it-classic.

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Personally I’m embarassed to have taken paying clients to this area and to be honest I would’nt go there if I was by myself as it left me in a bad mood feeling sorry for the local people which cant afford the sticker so the council can take the rubbish away in the truck. Yes it is your land but why throw it on the river bank when you have services that will help you discard it? There are some fantastic  locals in Waytoohardanuie and I’m sure some of the elders would like to hear of where some of the household rubbish is going-dont cut you’re own throat guys. I would have gone through it myself if I was not trying to shuffle people around it but hopefully DOC will go down and sort it out as they have been notified.

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Anyway the fishing was not that great and the middle reaches where we fished didn’t seem to have many fresh runners in it from the rain yesterday. We did manage to hook and land a small fish from the pig pool which was still a substantial fish for the frenchman. On the way up to the Reed pool we spotted a OWL which was not the slightest bit scared of us and sat for quite sometime to have it’s picture taken. I would be interested to hear from anyone that recognizes this species? . Amazing what you see and hear when in these woodlands if you just sneak along. The upper river must be one of the most beautifull rivers in the region and it’s hard to imagine that it’s just around the corner from what we saw on the track.

All in all a disappointing experience from our valued overseas traveller and very disappointing from a locals point of view to see what some people actually think of our precious resource. I tried to move on from the rubbish thing but in the car he said that he had not seen any rubbish in the rest of NZ and he was surprised to see it in an otherwise pretty place-hard to explain!

Spoke to a  angler that had fished the Tongariro and had reasonable luck this morning in the braided area using glo bugs and small naturals. He had the place to himself for 3 hours before a bloody guide turned up and joined him. Oh the Tongariro-take me back!!

Speak soon

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