G’day people , This week we are expecting our first cold wintry week with heavy rain ad shower periods expected in the central North Island. We had a fairly good down pour over the weekend but personally I would have just loved to have seen it twice as hard and for twice as long. The rivers have all got up a wee bit and I feel confident that it will be enough to let us experience and meet our first group of spawners.

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The Tongariro looked really good today as I drove over it and it was easy to see with the naked eye that the water level was up and at a level that we should get used to for most of the winter. This river also empties out really quick so hopefully we get some more to back it up. Another river that looked awesome was the Tauranga Taupo and this is where I would go tomorrow if I was able to get out as it has not had any water down it for some time and today it was  high and dirty which must have moved fish in. If you do get a chance to get stuck into this fishery you should find most fish close to the carpark as they would of only had just got in there-they will be silver and strong.

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Tonight I fished the Waytoohardanuie mouth with thirteen others but as my luck has it I only saw 3 fish caught and they weren’t by me. The rip looked great as it was heading straight out and with good current behind it but the fish ust weren’t pushing up for some reason. With all the rain we have had I would have thought they were sat on the edge of the lip but they seemed to be splashing around a long way of the rip for some reason, probably because of the amount of heave and leaves thrown out there. The fish that have been caught in the rip in the last week have been beautiful fish and hopefully a true reflection of what we can expect this season from the Taupo fishery.

Reports from the Tongariro have been patchy from day to day but that would only be due to the amount of anglers trying their luck. I passed a few car parks today and dropped into see who was about but could only see one angler in the Bridge pool. The bridge pool fished well over the weekend with one morning 12 fish coming to the net which is pretty good going. I’m not sure if they were all silver bullets but I feel sure that a fare amount were as a few guys were walking away with fish for the smoker. Glo bugs have been used alot over the past few days and they will be my first choice if I decide to head out in the morning,use small naturals in the afternoon like PT and Hare and Coppers. With the rain on the way and temperatures dropping you could even leave the glo bug on all day if it is working for you, it wont be long before they will be your preferred fly.

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Not much work on this week so will be able to get out and about and tune my skills into new places and different methods before a very busy week next week with returning clients. This weekend is a  very important weekend with the opening of duck season so if you are on places like Lake O be careful. I will be out and getting into them I hope so lets hope all this rain follows through and improves the fishing and gets the ducks moving. If you need any gear for either fishing or hunting Hamills have now got a great selection of weapons and equipment, so stop in and see the friendly staff and get your self sorted before the sport begins. Hamills have especially got great deals on at the moment with wet weather gear for both hunting and fishing so now would be the time to get in and get it before the wintry blasts hit.

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