Hi all, All Taupo rivers had heaps and heaps of anglers thrashing every inch of every available water over the weekend. I guided three gentlemen on Saturday for half the day starting at first light and found it very hard to find water that was available to spread these guys out in as thy were beginners.  I thought our best shot would be in the Stag pool so we braved the higher water level and waded the tail to fish on the true right which secured the pool to fish before anyone else. Plan went to well and Les found himself hooked up first cast somehow to  a small but angry Jack which took him down the length of the pool and guide Christmas once again had to get wet to insure this one ended up in the net. Les tore strips of the other boys while he sat down for a smoke after just one cast and I think he thought it was always going to be like that. Anglers started appearing from everywhere and by 8am it was obvious that this was the only fish in the pool that was going to play the game and that the river was going to see it’s fare share of anglers for the day.

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We travelled the length of the river rushing to all my usual spots only to find heaps of cars in every car park and anglers in any decent spots. We did not catch another fish in the 5 hours we spent trudging around the river but the boys seemed to  pick up casting quite well, I know it’s not perfect but we tried our best. (fishings-fishing).

The weather really has not changed for some time here with rain periods, overcast , sunny periods and then heavy down pours, I dont get it. Surely this will encourage some fish into the river and give the crouds something to chase around. In the half day that I was with the boys I did not see another fish caught by anyone so that kinda made me feel better(slightly). The fish we did catch from the Stag was caught on a white caddis  and upon inspection of the gut he was chockers with other caddis. Lucky I knew what he was eating, hahha.

When I drove back to Taupo on Saturday afternoon the carpark of the TT was absolutely chockers with vehicles and the Hine was not much better, maybe someone knows something I don’t. Have not heard any reports from these rivers but I’m sure someone has got a tail to tell if not we will make one up so you office guys and gals have something to read on monday morning-you should be working!

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The local boys at Waytoohardanuie have been hammering the straight on the lake and I have seen  a few locals hooked up while driving past first thing in the morning so as soon as the wind eases up maybe this will be a good place to be to find fish stacked up on the lip of the rip-that kinda rhymed eh.

Ok sorry it’s short but not a lot to report so will try and find some fish to write about in the next day or two.

Happy fishing