Hi guys, I think everyone in New Zealand at the moment are aware of the nasty weather conditions.Everywhere seems to be getting terrible weather which makes everything and anything a little harder. Strong winds and freezing conditions have kept most fisho’s inside which has given the hardcore trout hunters plenty of opportunity to fish where they wish at leisure. I guided over the weekend on the Tongariro and was very surprised to see the river pretty much free from anglers which made finding water for clients easy. A Lot of anglers don’t realize that they can use bad wind to there advantage with using casts such as the roll cast or just getting into pools with plenty of water behind them so they can water load or even just getting on the other side of the river so the flies aren’t whisping around your ears.

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Cold conditions we cant do much about but the colder the better I reckon as it will only be positive in encouraging silver bullets to run the rivers in spawning mode. For the first time this season I had the fly line freezing to the eyes of the rod and the sound of sand paper as you stripped in through the guides,my fingers ached and ears throbbed but it bought many fond memories back of fishing with Dad as a kid on the Tongariro. It’s funny what you remember as a child growing up and how you use senses like smells and noises to remember different places or things you remembered as a kid. Time that is put into your children is never lost and always forms a lifestyle that they follow later in life just as I am doing now.

I have heard and read a few fishing reports the last few days about the Taupo region and it seems that everyone has  a different story to tell so I best just tell you how I got on with the boys from Aus and the Tongariro. Once again it is a case of you won’t catch fish if you don’t have your fly in the water and you won’t catch fish if you don’t move around. Brad and Micheal both caught trout on Friday and Saturday and I believe that there luck has carried through while fishing by themselves the last couple of days in the spots that I taught them to fish while guiding them.

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People quite often ask me do you get pissed off when you show someone a particular lie and they go back and use it again, the answer is short and simple and that is not at all… they have paid for that knowledge and I  hope they would use it again. The fish we caught were all in great condition and Brad caught a few really well conditioned silver flanked bullets which I was happy to see in the river. They have lost two good browns that I know about with the first running Brad into the willows and snagging him and the second pulling him down the Stag rapid-I know how he feels. I hate that feeling when the line goes slack and you feel the tension come of of the rod and see the fish roll of down the river with the victory flag flying, every dog has his day Brad.

Terminal tackle has remained the same for some time now and would be fairly consistant through, ,out the Taupo fishery at the moment with my box having a  range of glo bugs, flashback PT, white caddis, green caddis, hare and coppers and a little fly from umpqua called a mighty mite. Personally I’m not a fan of commercial flies but they do make some that look fantastic and life like it’s a shame about the hook that they tie it onto-we can argue about this another day.

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Pools that I have spent time on this week with clients are my favourite, the Stag, Cicada, Silly, Judges, Upper Birch, Shag Hut, Boulder, Sand and the Reef with the best results coming from the Stag, Cicada and Judges. Seems to me that I report the same thing each week in many cases, this must mean something?

I heard the Tauranga Taupo fished ok again one day over the weekend and that the Hine has had some good numbers running into it as well. The Waytoohardanuie has been hard as usual unless you are Shane and then it is a gold mine apparently. I see that Shane has once again talked down the fish size in the Tongariro by calling them the size of smelt compared to Waytoohardanuie fish which we all know by the photos of many people on my blog lately this is just not true. These fish haven’t been caught under the bridge either Shane, but I do park there to access some nice water up river which is easy to get to from there.

With the closing of Lake O nearly upon us I will be doing my best to get up and have one last go in the canal and see if I can pull another beauty from the water which I think has fished quite well this year when the water levels were up.

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Lake O is a difficult piece of water to get  strangle on but after fishing it a few times with some success your catch rate slowly creeps up and you will slowly become more and more confident up there. One thing that you will never take away from these fish is the fighting abilities and willingness to escape, some great battles have been fought in the wed beds this year. It is still classed as trophy water and the odd fish this year has been tipping the scales with the magic mark which in previous years has not been un common. You can really see how fish get to this size when you inspect  a trouts gut from this lake as it will almost always be stuffed with black snails and sometimes damsyl nymphs.

The cold weather is set to continue which like I said before is  a very positive thing if we are to see the rivers totally start firing with high numbers of well conditioned spawning trout. Rain, snow, low temperatures and over cast days all spell great weather to be outside to me with enjoyable fishing and great scenery which will stick with you through the summer.  Plenty of days available to guide you all and show you some secrets of Christmas on the River – so get in touch and book your day in.

Tight Lines

Andrew Christmas