Hi again,  I say hi again as it seems I don’t get of the keyboard lately and am starting to get know you all personally as I know a lot of you are return readers which is fantastic your feedback is always welcome. I’m sure you have all noticed by now there is some friendly banter going on at the moment between Shane and Ross arguing about the Tongariro and the Waytoohardanuie and which is the better fishery which we all know what the answer is to that.

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I have managed to venture out two or three times this week for short sessions on most of the Taupo rivers but have only caught fish on one of them and that is the mighty Tongariro. All rivers will be firing before long but you can always be sure to come across fish in the Tongariro and it is a great river to get your confidence back after being skunked on a river such as the Waytoohardanuie.

I spent 4 hours this week just on dark standing in the picket fence at the mouth of the Waytoohardanuie along with many anglers through out the week which were all interested in hooking into  a fresh fish for the smoker. In all the time I was there I did not see a fish hooked by anyone so either we are not having fish running up there or we are all fishing at the wrong time?. If there’s no fish at the rip I could only assume there no fish in the river after all they have to pass over the lip at the mouth to enter the river system and then dodge all the heavily weighted glo bugs that are thrown at them in the straight and the bridge pool.  Maybe now would be a good time for the fishing comp?

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The Tauranga Taupo still has the odd fish in it down low and will take a glo bug most of the day in most cases so this could be a good option if you need to get out and see some different water. Don’t feel like you have to march up to the Rangers pool to get some good fishing in , this river really has cleared up in the last few floods and is looking good for nymphing this year. Being first through the pools always helps and sometimes it is hard to do that at this time of year and I should imagine twice as hard this weekend due to the long weekend.

The Hinemaiaia has performed fantastically in the past week with plenty of fish caught by certain other guides that have kept things close to their chests until the run had gone through. Last Tuesday saw  a massive run of fish go through and I know of over 100 fish hooked by 3 or 4 guys. The trout were not huge but were good conditioned and had plenty of fight in them for the size they were. All good hens were released and a few larger jacks kept for the smoker as they are always the best with awesome orange flesh that is delicious. Big Hare and Coppers were on the menu and small tangerine glo bugs so in other words they were not to fussy on what they were taking.

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The Tongariro has just been ticking over as usual and supplying anglers with a little bit of adventure in them some good sport. It’s not very often that the Tongariro does not at least produce a fish and if you keep covering plenty of water and stick to what you know eventually the odds will weigh in your favour and you will have one of the elusive buggers. The Tongariro carrys huge weight on it’s shoulders as the premier fishing destination of New Zealand and for some people the world, so it is contentiously scruitinized when things are not going well. As always magazines , newspapers, web reports always refer to the good old days or even the spawning runs as this is when everyone has fond memories of this river but you must remember that this cant happen all year round or even year to year after all they are wild animals that we can not dictate. Something that we can guarantee which will always be there and is the main reason I fly fish and that is the scenery that the Tongariro and the surrounding rivers have to offer and will always be famous for.

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Conditions are very much classed as cold now and I am thinking you could probably get away with using a glo bug most of the day but if it was me and I was struggling I would still be changing over to small natural patterns to offer the trout some variety. I dont think there is  a time of year I would not use a hare and copper or green caddis without confidence as they are a two of a few patterns that will work in every river in New Zealand.

Quite  a few questions have come through lately that I have answered regarding what I use for a  front fly or a bomb and is lead worth using to get flies down. In my opinion lead is great to get your rig down and in amongst the rocks and to the desired depth as there are many different sizes so you can keep adding to your rig until you cant cast it or you achieve the right depth. I use lead on rivers like the Waytoohardanuie where I just know I am going to loose half my fly box so I pretty much sacrifice lead instead of tungsten flies which cost money. Generally I like to use a tungsten fly of some description because I do occasionally catch fish on these larger flies so all the help I can get counts at the end of the day.

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I tie my bombs with a bomb of say 5mm and make it look like  a big Hare and Copper and quite often tie lead into the body as well, these are perfect for the Tongariro. The downside to fixed weighted bombs is that they cant be changed for different pools  with  varying depths apart from changing the fly all together this is, where lead can be good. Something else to consider is Tungsten putty which can be moulded anywhere on the line and added to or taken off as needed. Personally I think if you can afford this stuff you should be tying on a lump of gold and throwing it in the river it may be a case of you get what you pay for as it is the best and fastest way to drop the flies down deep. All in all I’m happy fishing a Tungsten bomb as it gets down deep quick and I have that chance of the hook up when trout want a bigger nymph.

Pools which I have found fish in this week is Judges, Bain, Doctors, Cicada and the Upper Birch which were all caught in the morning using tangerine glo bugs fished under the Tungsten bomb. Currently I’m using 8lb maxima and then 6lb of the front fly mainly because I don’t believe it is necessary to use flurocarbon at this time of year-summers a different story.

Snow capped mountains, awesome sunsets and fresh run trout in most of our rivers  where else would you want to  live and work. If you cant live here make sure you find the time to get up here and explore the region there is so much to do here for everyone and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. I would love to show you around the river so give me a call and arrange a catered package to suit you and the family.

Till next week

Tight lines and screaming reels!