Hi there,  I was not able to make it out over the weekend but I’m sure some of you have been lucky enough to shoot to your favourite spot while that rain was in and the low was circling over us so make sure you let me know how you went. Taupo rivers should have fished ok with new pods of fish entering all systems which is exactly what they needed.

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Towards the end of last week the  Tongariro was holding a few fish but the majority seemed to be pretty coloured up and had been in for some time. This is not what we expect to see for this time of year and we are certainly due some big numbers in the next few weeks I feel. Turangi temperatures have been freezing with frosty starts and strong south westerly winds which would be perfect for pushing fish into the river if it was followed with some good rain, this seems to be the factor that makes the difference.

Still plenty of fish sitting under the road bridge but they see a few flies through out the day and soon wise up so first thing in the morning will be you’re best chance here-good luck beating the locals down. I spotted two good browns sitting on the edge of the current one day last week which seemed to be in very good health and not worried about anglers slapping the water.

It’s worth stopping every now and again and watching how fish react to different things you will find you can look at it in a different way than you would if you had the rod in your hand-those browns did not caught.  Still they are in the system still and I’m sure many others are still scattered throughout which is just amazing considering the season we have seen from them so far. Received an interesting email from a ex client which had some good fishing in the duchess pool late last week which had landed 5 Rainbows in the tail of the pool using small naturals. I will assume he meant hare and copper, PT or some style of Caddis as this were the only flies I left with him to try. Heaps of fish can always be seen in this water especially on the sandy edge at the head of the pool but usually they can be stubborn buggers and hard to catch. He actually discovered these fish in the tail by walking back along the cliff from silly pool as he was parked in Red Hutt and thought he would just have to give them a try. The cliff top gives the angler a great birds eye view which lets you know exactly what is in the pool and where and even if they are feeding or just chasing each other around spawning-easy homework.

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I personally have not done that great in the tail of the pool but there is obviously a lie somewhere that is worth chucking into next time you are up that way. I think that this is one of the most prettiest pools of the river and get alot of pleasure taking photos of clients which have pulled fish from usually the swirly head of the pool.

With the season being in the thick of the winter now, lets hope we get some rain and shitty weather to get these fish moving and filling our beloved river up with big trout. We know they are there and in better condition than last year so it’s just a case of sucking them in to spawn.

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Oh almost forgot. Well this fishing comp between Tongariro and Waytoohardanuie  anglers really is shaping up to be huge!! Scare tactics by Waytoohardanuie lead man once again has just been brushed away like water of a ducks back as talk as cheap and there’s plenty of that going on. Apparently we don’t know how to mend or drift or present a fly which will fool at trout which is funny coming from the anglers of that river as the only real drift I have ever seen demonstrated in there  was by a couple of guys in black wetsuits hanging onto pointy sticks, wonder if they are in the team??

Have a great week people, catch up with you again soon.

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