Hi guys, Today the weather has not been like the stunning days we have had this week but it may bring a few fish into the rivers as we are in desperate need of rain to flood the rivers. The Tongariro especially needs rain to flush out the summer slime which is still making wading and crossing slippery and in some cases slightly dangerous. I think as soon as we get this we will also have a river full of fish and the season will be in full swing.

Today I guided Paul Dyson again and his friends from the UK Rob and Angela which are on holiday in our wonderful country for three weeks. Paul was lucky enough to catch some great fish last time we fished together including a 8lb brownie so expectations were high for good reason. As we all know fishing is fishing and to be honest we found it quite hard through out the whole river and did’nt really come across any fish in good numbers.

We fished a lot of water today and moved through pools very quickly as I thought that would be the best way for three anglers to find the few fish that are in the system at the moment. Pools we covered today were the Judges, Stag, Cicada, Shag Hutt, Duchess, Kowhai flatts and just on dark we had  a quick flick in the Hydro. This is a lot of fishing for anyone and the guys today really fished well in pouring rain to be able to keep confident in their hunt for elusive Tongariro trout.

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It seems that women do give of the good luck pheromones as by lunchtime Angela was the only one to hook into two good fish from Judges and the mighty Stag, unfortunately they had to count as mid stream releases. I don’t like having lunch on full day bookings and not having a fish in the bag even though we had some great moments and it’s not all about landing trout. With getting these folks fish on my mind we rushed through lunch and headed up river to keep at it and see if lady luck was on our side. I have found the river hard over the last week along with every other angler staying at TRM so I didn’t hold much hope for a action packed afternoon.

The Duchess was holding fish on the sand bar but really didn’t seem very interested in taking any nymph or even a wet fly swung past their noses. This pool can be difficult when these fish are in spawning mode and just want to relax on the sand showing themselves of to the opposite sex in hope of some action but quite often at the head of the pool you can find feeding trout.

After an hour of working the entire length of the pool we finally manage to hook up and secure a fish on the bank which was a big relief as the skunking was of my back.

The daylight disappears very early in Turangi these days when conditions are drizzly and overcast so I thought we better cut a track to our last pool for the evening and hope to god that there was a trout for Angela as she had tried so hard all day after loosing two early on.

We arrived at the Hydro to find it deserted so we decided to use the whole pool to our advantage with the boys swinging the wets through and Angela nymphing the head with a orange glo bug, note orange glo bug. Paul hooked up briefly before it also spat the green Woolly bugger and he gave up and retired to a rock on the bank as it was getting dark and could only just see. Angela was still flogging away in the head of the pool so I decided enough was enough and went to pack her up when the bright orange indicator dropped and within a second she was hooked up. My heart was pounding and I can only imagine what Angela’s was like as she fought a heavy but feisty angry fish. She really wanted this fish and I really wanted her to have it  and I had a good feeling for her as we had plenty of bank to relax and play the trout in without having to make any harsh decision’s while playing it. It was that dark that I had lost my net on the bank so as the fish got close to the edge I elegantly slipped the size 11 simms aqua stealth boot under the trout lifting it onto the rocks to safety.

Angela screamed with joy and her holiday in New Zealand was complete with her first ever trout being a 5lb brownie. This is why I love my job it would have just been nice to do it at 10 o clock in the morning and not leave it till the last cast though. Just shows that if you want something enough you can achieve it and it is also great to see the odd brown still about in the Tongariro taking orange glo bugs in the dark, haha. The total for the long day was 5 hooked and 2 fish landed ,which I think we were lucky getting that compared with everyone else.

All in all I think the river is fishing quite hard but that’s only my opinion I’m sure someone is having good fishing somewhere on the river or in the Taupo area.

Speak again on the weekend

Andrew Christmas