Hi guys, another great week on the river has been enjoyed  by many with quite a few anglers realizing that the runs are starting to trickle through now and the river seems to be busier than usual. This is normal for this time of   year and should continue through out the spawning runs which will run right through till november I should think. A

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Like last week most Taupo rivers have had fish in them and some of the smaller rivers such as the Waimarino have good numbers of little silver bullets in them. This river can be tricky but if you approach pools with care and work out what you are going to try and do before you start flogging the water good fish can be hooked regularly. This stream is very different to other rivers in Taupo and for me it is nice to have a change away from bigger pieces of water like the Tongariro-but not for too long. Once you are hooked up in this water you must make a decision in what you are going to do with your fish and how you will play him as you don’t have time or space to just let your fish take line and slowly wear him out like the Tongariro.

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Steep sided banks and overgrown bush makes for interesting landing opportunities and a net is advised-a very big one. Nothing too different in here when fishing for spawning fish and glo bugs -hare and coppers and a heavy bomb will generally see you right. This is a very over looked piece of water and can be at times the best option in Taupo when all other rivers are getting a royal pounding. The mouth is also worth a look and can be great fishing if you can get those flies just on the drop off but finding the drop of can be the hard part as it is not obvious to the naked eye and can be dangerous trying to find it. I have been out there in the past with about 1 inch of free board and have just been pulling up short with my casts but the  trick seems to be is to take a step ladder or milk crate and stand on that to achieve that extra distance and height-too much effort for most me included.

The Tongariro has fished fairly solidly over the weekend despite the amount of anglers trying their luck. My good mate Mike used his head and has been following the main pod of fish up the river and has been picking them of when they are willing to play the game and feed.

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Some days these fish have been in pools which are a little hard to get at in terms of depth but they all have to move at some stage on their spawning runs and it’s just a case of being there when they do. Still plenty of browns scattered through the entire system which have been in great condition- what a great season for these fish!

The best pools this week has been the Major Jones, Judges, Stag, Hydro, Cicada and Barlows. Heaps of fish have been sighted sitting in the Cattle Rustlers  but are generally very hard to catch and tempting fish in to a strike at times seems impossible.

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I think in all my time of walking up to this pool and fishing for these trout I may have nailed about 4 fish from it, great for clients to spot trout but catching them is another story. Instead of targeting these fish here I try my best to come in contact with them in Barlows as it is a much easier cast and a awesome drift throughout. If they are holding in this water they are generally feeding and will pick the nymph up quite well. This is a surprisingly deep piece of water which has quite a lot of water travelling through it so getting those nymphs down is again vital to be sucessfull in this water.

I know Ross at  TRM is filling up the motel pretty quick at the moment with bookings from fisherman so please ring ahead so you don’t miss out on your favourite unit.

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What I love about these units is they are tailored for fisherman and you are thinking of fishing the whole time you are involved with these guys from the moment you walk in to the moment you regrettably pack the car to get back to work.

Fish are moving through the system constantly at the moment so it would be best if you can be apart of it asap and book a trip up straight away. If anyone has questions they need answering or any stories they wish to share be sure to drop me a line and have a chat.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas