Hiya, Good rain over the weekend which continued through Monday and Tuesday has managed to shut the mountain for skiing and give a little hope for us fisherman by encouraging spawning fish into the rivers. The Waytoohardanuie had some good colour but no fish due to the wind direction being far from perfect here. The Hine and Tauranga Taupo has had a few fish and the TT should be perfect right now if the river still has a wee bit of colour in it from all that rain.

Glo bugs should account for alot of fish this week if the colour hangs about and the cold starts continue-try big and orange the spawning jacks love them. I fished the Hine during the rain early in the week and had 5 out of one pool which was absolutely fantastic for someone of my skill on this river as I usually loose alot of flies and cant find any fish. The pool that I fished had no sangs and was quite deep and short but the fish were certainly lined up in there. From 5 I kept two beautiful jacks which were in good condition and let three hens go as they were bursting with eggs and ready to drop. All fish were caught on orange glo bug or the big ugly  hare and copper bomb which sometimes works really well in that dis- coloured water.

River of the week has been the Tongariro with most anglers enjoying fish from the braids all the way through to areas such as Big Bend and Blue pool.

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The quality of the fish have been all over the place in this river with some pretty sorry looking jacks being hauled in but also some cracking little silver bullets which is great to see. That feeling of  hook up  into a silver bullet with plenty of energy just drives me wild as there first run is electrifying and charged with so much unknown. That hook up that shakes his head and comes in and gives up is not so great but some days they need to be counted as well-especially if you are  a guide.

The lower river pools such as the Braids and the Bridge area certainly has alot of fish but also a heap of anglers which continue to flog the pools to death. For those anglers that have caught plenty of fish in there lifetimes and are not to worried where the next one comes from I would strongly advice to get up river and enjoy the pools to yourself. The upper river is an amazing place and I will always try and fish up that way just for the scenery as it can be stunning on a great day. You will still catch plenty of silver fish in the upper river as some fish just power all the way to the top not giving themselves to colour up on the journey. One of my favourite pools the Big Bend is forever producing fish which look like they have come out of the lake with nice silver flanks and big shoulders.

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The only thing I can put this down to is that the water that flows in this pool is powerful and constant which would mean that tired fish could not sit in here allowing better numbers of strong fish to in habit this pool. You will quite often find tired or spent fish sitting in the bottom of deeper water or on the side of main flows as they can recover in peace and gain strength for the journey home to the lake. I always like to fish water with a good flow or  a piece of white water so the chances of catching fish for the table is increased. In saying that,,,,,where do big browns lie,,,,yip in the quieter pools or on the sides of current where the lie is easy and food source high.

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s I am reporting to you all at my desk I can hear the sound of rain tumbling on the roof  outside and my leaky guttering dumping water onto the deck(must get onto that) so if this keeps up it will be shaping the fishing to be good for the weekend. The reporter on the news said it was going to follow through over the weekend so lets hope he gets it half correct and the rivers get the flush through they need and raise the level a wee bit. With fish already in most rivers this is just what we need to back them up with another burst of fish to create good numbers in Taupo rivers like we are used to, fingers crossed.

Any questions regarding guiding or just fishy matters please feel free to sling me an email, I will be happy to chat with you.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas