Hi guys, Plenty of strong winds from the west have prevented any anglers from getting into the mouths of rivers but it sure has blown some nice looking trout into the taupo rivers. Saturday was the day to be around at the Waytahnuie with heaps of silver fish coming from the straight and the lower pools. As usuall I had important things on and was left furniture shopping in Rotoroua so did not get out looking for them until Monday.

Late Monday afternoon I had a little bit of afternoon light left and treid to find these fish in the lower river but first cast went into the blackberry on the otherside of the river and was hooked up well. I tried many things to free my gear from the jaws of the thorns but nothing would work and patience wore thin until eventually I broke the rod. This was quite possibly the fastest  outing I had ever had. Dissapointed in myself I made my way back to the car and snuck of home with tail between my legs.

Tuesday I spent half the day in the afternoon once again in the upper Waytoohadanuie trying to locate the fish that went through over the weekend. I was keen and enthusiastic and Mike from Taupo was champing at the bit to get stuck into some of the deeper pools further up river.

Driving down Blake road we were met by a car park full of cars which I find un usuall for a week day as it is usually very quiet up here-dont you guys have real jobs!

There were anglers walking out with empty hands and no fishy stories to report , one man saying he had not even seen  a bloody fish all day. The upper pools were apparently loaded with anglers and no one had any fish but we still decide to press on as we were ready to go. After the weekend these fish must be somewhere so I was quietly confident that I could find some fish for Mike to target. Mike is a exceptional angler and any trout that were half interested would be hooked or caught by this master with his deadly home tied glo bugs.

The first available pool we came to I don’t even know the name of, but after the feed back which we had received about trout numbers I did not expect Mike to hook into a beauty first cast. This fish pulled and fought like  a stream train and with the net left in the car it was interesting landing this fat little fish with not alot of space or bank to get her out. Smiles were stung across our faces for a few minutes as we really didn’t expect much action at all especially not the first cast of the day.

Sticking with a standard nymphing rig we slowly worked our way up to the Gordon Williams which is my favourite pool of the Waytoohardanuie. This particullar pool was chockers with fish and there were a  steady flow of fish running through including some bloody nice looking brownies. God I hope these fish hurry up and spawn and run back to the lake as Shane will be hunting these if they are about for next months battle of the rivers.

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We managed to hook up 6 fish in total in quick succession including  a good brown which went nuts and snapped all gear off as it charged down river an under the closest log, hope it remembers that trick next month. Glo bugs were working fine and the favourable colour being orange in a size #14.

It was really nice to see this river full with great condition fish which were able to be caught as I usually really struggle in this smaller stream. It must be nice for DOC to know the fish are in much better condition this year and all anglers are generally alot happier than last year, lets just hope runs like these keep rolling in.

Tight lines


Andrew Christmas