Hi all, Just a short report today to fill you in what has been happening in Taupo the last couple of days and where I have and have’nt had much luck. Taupo rivers should be fishing well but to be honest I have struggled in the few hours I have spent on the water in the past couple of days.

August has been by far the best to be fishing the past few seasons for me and I hold high hopes for the next few weeks and with the westerly pounding the shore of river mouths at the moment maybe this month will return the same. Looking back at  the guiding diary I can clearly see high catch rates through out  most rivers and cant wait for the next substantial fresh to roll through the Tongariro and create the perfect conditions which we experienced 10 days ago. This month you really are quite safe to be using glo bugs all day, and I have found orange to be my personal favourite especially for jacks with attitude problems.

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I have not heard to much from the Waytoohardanuie but with the westerly winds pounding the beach at the mouth the lower river should be worth fishing early in the mornings. All fish that I have seen in this system have been really good lately and most anglers have seen  a massive improvement compared to last year which is a huge positive step forward for Taupo and our fishery.

I passed the TT this afternoon at midday on my way home from a half day guide at Turangi and realized that I probably should have gone in for a look before shooting through to the Tongariro . I passed with my client at 6.30 am and did not see the colour of the water which just happened to be perfect for the river and the amount of cars suggested that something was on the go. Didymo Dave rang through a bit of report but said that not one really slammed any big numbers and not to many entered the system which made me feel better.

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Guiding the Tongariro on Monday was very hard and I think we were lucky to get away with just catching the single fish from what I saw and heard from other anglers. Mike was also fishing today and covered a dozen different pools over a  8 hr period but ended up with his tail between his legs. This river really needs another good flush out to encourage another big run into the system. Huge numbers of fish were present this time last week and have just seemed to disappeared? I would think they have just moved through very quickly just as they have been in most Taupo spawning streams lately.  Is this because there is no good holding water left due to pools silting up or just because they are late spawning ? I don’t really know!

We did catch up with a fantastic looking fish in the last pool of the half day guide which I was very pleased to get to the net after a very strong scrap in the Stag pool. Maurie who had not fished before was actually picking up casting very well but the wind was causing problems which never makes things easy when taking in alot of information, this guy deserved a fish and the 4lb jack which he caught was a nice trophy to take home.

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A positive report came in tonight with a few anglers catching limits in the Waimarino which is interesting to hear of as I am bad at overlooking this water. Skills and knowledge is generally needed on here but once you change styles and work yourself into the groove of things the results can be awesome.

Hopefully we see a bit of rain to go with the cold weather and improve things through out the week to please some of you eager anglers. There is no doubt that rivers are holding fish but it will pay to explore as many places and change rigs and styles as you can, because your catch is not going to come easy.

Good luck