Hi again, Well another week has passed and I really cant seem to keep up with the days and my world seems to rushing by trying to fit in important personal fishing time and introducing important clients to the past time of fly fishing . I get such a buzz from new clients that have not fished before and enjoy the experience as much they do, very rewarding.

Once again most rivers seem to have fish in them but it really is a case of being in the right place at the right time or be prepared for alot of walking and hundreds of casts to secure good numbers of fish for the outing. This is my favourite time of the year and the fishing on the Tongariro and many other rivers can be fantastic during this month which should continue through to the summer holidays.

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We all watch the weather and hope for the perfect storm but I personally think the next few months most Taupo rivers will see fish trickling through to spawn regardless if there’s cold wet weather or not. Freshwater from heaven helps along with a drop in the barometer but sometimes the urge to spawn is just too much and they will push up anyway providing anglers with fresh fish right through to the summer holidays.

The Waytahanuie has once again had some nice fish pushing over the lip and most of the river has some nice fish moving through which is keeping this a  popular area to target for Taupo based anglers. The beauty about this river is you don’t have to make it a day trip or half day session but in just a few hours and  a short trip you can have  a productive couple of hours if you know where to go. Some large browns are in the system at the moment but the buggers are like steam trains to land and they seem to know the best logs to snap leaders on at the moment. Hen fish seem to be the best of the bunch as the jacks have already coloured up and starved themselves for a few weeks for some reason but will still be good eaters on crackers with Philadelphia cheese and spring onions.

The Tauranga Taupo has produced on some days but has let me down on most occasions which is weird as I thought I was just getting to grips with this ever changing piece of water. It has improved ten fold over the past year with many pools being snag free and easy to drift nymphs through without too much mending. Fish condition here has always been great and this year has been no exception once you can get onto a good patch of feeding fish. Like many rivers this year the fish seem to be moving very quickly and leaving anglers wondering where, how and why???

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While driving to Turangi this week I have noticed a few more cars parked in the Waimarino which must mean someone is doing ok and not letting me know. I over look this water all the time and wish that I would spend more time exploring this pretty river. Czech nymphing I have found can be a useful method in this water as it only needs short sharp drifts.

Some new information just rang through from our local ranger Dave Cade deserves to be published as it may get you thinking or changing minds on whats going on with the fishery at the moment. The month of July was very dry and we didn’t really get the rain we all wished for this meaning not so many spawning fish entering the system. The Waipa trap which Doc operates sampled 181 fish during this month which is not  a hell of a lot which will hopefully mean they have not turned up yet and the best is yet to come. Doc also drift dived the Whitiakau river which is  a spawning river for the Tongariro offering perfect water for fish to relax and get on with it without the problems of anglers throwing glo bugs at them. I would assume it was  a pretty boring dive as they only manged to sight 3 fish in the river which again means the Tongariro has not seen the spawning runs which should mean the best fishing is just around the corner.

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Just for  a change of sceney and to beat the crowds Dad and I shot over to the Whanganuie for a day in some semi private water which we were lucky enough to get into. Upon arriving at Piriaka we noticed the river to be up and dirty which really made the day quite hard from a fishing point of view. It was running at 35 cusecs which is very hard and high giving these fish alot more water to hide in which they did quite well from us. This water is usually a forgotten part of the world at this time of year as it is such a popular river in the summer but can fish just as well in the winter with these fish also needing to spawn. We fished hard for 5 hours for 1 rainbow and 2 browns which is not so great for this river but considering the water we considered ourselves very lucky. If anyone is interested in a change of scenery on back country water in the winter give a me a ring and we can arrange something when the water drops.

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Today was  a great day to be on the Tongariro and involved in guiding Simon which had not ever caught a fish on  a fly rod. The day was picture perfect with no wind, cold start, snow capped mountains and heaps of friendly anglers which were very happy to leave Simon alone to practice his casting. I personally thank the guys we came across in the lower river, you were true gentlemen which made mine and Simon’s experience a pleasure. The lower river is somewhere I generally steer away from when guiding but with the upper river being fairly quiet I had to take a chance and see what was pushing up from the lake.

Simon managed to land 6 good fish from several pools in the lower river which was again the highlight of his trip in New Zealand, quite good going for a half day booking. These fish seemed to slowly be pushing through in ones and two’s but were definitely on the move up the river fairly quickly. There seemed to be a fairly even mix of fresh hens and jacks all about the 3lb range with plenty of fight in them. Glo bugs were on the menu early in the morning when the sun was low but as the morning went on we found that white caddis was doing the job just fine. I was watching a guy fishing very light just ahead of us and knew he would not being getting deep enough in the hole he was in, I cant stress hard enough the importance of getting those nymphs deep fast!!

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Generally the mighty Tongariro is fishing fairly well and if you are prepared to walk and work for your fish you will end up with some fine fishing. Another fantastic thing I saw on Thursday was 3 big browns lurking around the edges of the willows which is a very welcome sight going into the big fishing comp in a few weeks. Myself and Mike will target these and make sure that the largest is weighed in to take out the trophy for the Tongariro as long as Shane doesn’t get his way and change the rules of the comp not allowing brown trout. After all it is a trout fishing comp and brown trout are trout aren’t they?

Till next week-Tight lines

Andrew Christmas