Hi people, If you have not been able to venture up this way  in the last two weeks I feel very sorry for you as I think I have seen some of the best fishing the Tongariro has had in the last couple of years. I am lucky that if I am not guiding I can be out fishing and exploring places that I have not seen or considered fishing before, most of the time I would rather be guiding. I know that work must come first for most of you and family days are important in keeping the kids happy and the wife or girlfriend smiling but surely they realize that when the fish are running you need to drop things and go !! If you have not managed to get away bank your brownie points in and get up here.

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As you can see in my last report the river fished really well last week with all clients catching good numbers of fresh fish in both the lower river and the middle reaches above the bridge. We have had many solid runs now and I would think that most of the river should have good numbers of fish in most pools but are dispersing quite alot as they go past the bridge.

I once again had the pleasure guiding a good friend Vic who makes the trip every year from the USA to fish the Taupo region for 3 weeks every year. I love fishing with him as there is no pressure to be pulling fish out every 5 minutes and he enjoys just being out for the day and seeing  a new piece of the river which he has not explored before. As Vic had never fished below the bridge we decide to spend the day in the lower reaches and show him where al the action had been in the past week

. We were on the river first light and ten minutes into the first pool Vic had put three fish on the bank one of which he thought was the best fish he had seen for quite sometime. I made  a mistake and forgot that he was left handed and the pools I wanted him to fish required a heavy bomb and a back cast which even the best fisherman would struggle with. With both of us getting a little frustrated we decided it was time for a cup of tea and maybe find some friendly water which casting was relaxing in , I knew just the place. Lunch was enjoyed chatting and enjoying the lovely day on the bank of the Plank pool and as it had not been fished all the time we were there it seemed the perfect place for us to start our afternoon session and with 4 fish under our belt already I thought we could get Vic up to ten before the day was done.

A change of rig was in order and two lightly weighted naturals tied onto a long leader and with Vic’s long casts and perfect mending it was long before Vic hooked up on the far side once , twice, three times!! I love watching guys catch trout the entire fight of every trout Vic had a great big smile on his face and to me that’s what my job is all about. With all the action that Vic had experienced it certainly did not go un noticed and it was not long before we had two guys pushing onto us and with the braids empty I decided they could have the pool and we would find some more fish somewhere else. This is the beauty about fishing during the week where there is not guys every where as you can target big areas of water like the braids and fish when and how you want without pressure to move on or rush to the next run. We found a lovely piece of water around the Honeypot which just looked fishy and both me and Vic commented on its obvious feeding line which was forming a lovely bubble line after tumbling over hallow boulders , it was  a real give me.

With spirits high after the run of fish we just en-counted and Vic enjoying getting back to long casts with light nymphs he was certainly fishing with confidence. Vic fished the run pretty hard moving up and down the pool after fishing it for the first and second time pulling another three trout from the bubble line we mentioned which were not as silver as the fish we found down river but still good looking trout. The last fish we caught gave a hell of a scrap and had both of us wondering what it was going to do next as it had just pulled line of the reel with ease as it finned up river, I even thought it was foul hooked. After  a few nervous moments and a hard fight we got the first glimpse of another large rainbow jack which was very coloured up and looked like it was almost a brown trout, obviously in full spawning mode. Vic landed the beast which was still in good condition and admired the beauty and thanked the trout for a great experience before releasing him back to do his job, we estimated about 4lbs. The last fish of the day we sighted in the quiet water of a pool which was a brownie but we only manage to foul hook that one and as it was spent it came in like a wet log. God these fish do it hard in the river after spawning as when he entered I feel sure it would have been 7 -8 lb but he instead he just looked like a rake which wanted to be left alone.

A special moment to me is when Vic said to me “Well Andrew un fortunately I think you have just made me a believer in the lower river, thank you for that -I have had a great day”  Maybe this is why people get guides, to open up new options or experiences which they will use in the future or for the rest of their holidays? Thanks Vic I had a great day aswel.

We have once again had plenty of rain mid week and I would be expecting that the weekend will fish very well in most Taupo rivers especially if we get some westerly wind or a cold snap. I am guiding all day tomorrow again and pretty excited to get out there as confidence is high at the moment and I might just use it as  a bit of a recce for finding big fish to be caught over the weekend to beat the Waytoohardanuie team.

The two captains of the teams (Ross and Shane) really have talked up the weekend and I really don’t want to be on the loosing end of the stick so I think I will be camped out on the banks of the Tongariro making sure no big ones get one through the net-(did I say net) you know what I mean. I would say confidence is high with the Tongariro team as plenty of good fish have been coming out and are in the system waiting to be caught on Saturday. I went for a walk up the Waytahanuie with Mike the other day and didn’t see alot of good fish which were catch-able, to be honest I was watching my back the whole way up as I was  a little scared of being pushed in again by Shane, haha

Have a great weekend guys and if you do make it up and see me out on the river dont be a stranger come over and say hello and we can have a chat.

Tight lines


Andrew Christmas