Hi there, The rain here in Taupo has not stopped all night and with the westerly wind coming in quite hard it has set the stage for some perfect fishing in the next few days. I was a little premature in my thinking and was awake and ready at 5 am packing the car but the more I investigated the level of the rivers the more obvious it became that it may be  a bit high.

I personally think I can comfortably fish the Tongariro up to about 7o cumecs as fish will move through that level fine and hug the edges making some fishing very easy with large bright glo bugs. The Tongariro un like other rivers offers anglers options when levels are high by being able to fish the by pass’s which when running high will hold loads of trout which are escaping the high dirty water levels. Last year this was one of my favourite tricks and although it is not pretty fishing it does give you a realistic chance of salvaging something from your day.

With the river running well over 200 cumecs and the rain slowing up a wee bit it should be perfect conditions tomorrow and anglers should expect large runs of trout in most taupo rivers so if you can hop in the car and make a quick trip, I don’t think it will be waste of time. I can just hear you guys that are stuck at work in the office cursing as it must be awful to have someone report these conditions and not be able to do anything about it.

Another option in the next couple of days will be the TT just as the water is dropping to that perfect level and has that milky colour about it. The river has been getting alot of angling and has not been as consistent as other rivers but if you are there at the right time the fishing can be great. With the mouth fishing well there must be fish hanging on the deep drop off so this high water may just be the one to push fish in here and turn things about.

Instead of hauling down to turangi I made the most of being awake at that time of the morning and went down to Waytahanuie to fish the straight as it also should have good numbers of fish with westerly wind battering the lake front. The river has remained clear and conditions looked good when I arrived and I thought my luck was in while hooking up on the first cast at the groin pool. I fished for another hour for two more fish but fishing was hard and condition of fish were terrible for some reason? Casting was easy with the wind at the back and a simple roll cast is all that is needed when conditions are like this. With the TT dirty and the Tongariro blown out I should think that this river would have got  a flogging today with anglers trying to find some fishable water and taking advantage of a spring fed river.

Mike Hughes ignored advice and made the journey down to the Tongariro and that’s how we have photos of the river today showing a good flood cleaning out the rubbish. Mike will no doubt be up early again in the morning and heading down to enjoy a good day on the river which should be in perfect nic, fingers crossed.

Speak soon.