Hi again, Personally this week I have found fishing slightly disappointing compared to recent weeks and considering the rain and weather we have had I expected a little more. The harsh comment is purely based on my own fishing and guiding which is not to say that others have not had the best week they have ever had. The success of trout fishing in Taupo these days really is just a case of being in the right place at the right time and having good knowledge of the area to ensure if they are there you are going to get them.

With the rain we had during the week I expected the fishing to be very good for days to come after the flood but the fish just did not move into the system quite like they have been lately. I guided in the lower river the day after the 300 cumecs had gone through and it was down to be about 40 and milky in colour. We ended up with 4 fish and they were fresh but we were the only ones to get fish and there must have been 10 anglers down there, something not quite making sense.  The same day the braids was on fire and Mike gave up counting when he well into his double figures but he had no fresh fish they were all dark and would have run up well before the flood, he just intercepted them with their guard down with dirty water. studying the graph of the past few days I have decided that the 300 cumecs was simply created by a recreational fresh from the canals and hydro systems that control our rivers for power. This fresh water was old and stale and full of pine needles and anything else which had been trapped at the gates for the past few weeks. Trout like fresh water to move into the system and the flood should have been perfect for them but not that sort of water it needs to be fresh from above as it must carry a different smell which appeals to spawning trout. If you have a look at the genisis river flow rates for the time and day the flood went through you will see the flow graph peak very quickly which indicates that a recreational release had happened and it was not genuine from the sky above as there is no way it could have come up at that rate of knots, sneaky eh!.

That same day I was speaking with another angler down river which was carrying his limit bag and from a distance looked like he had done well for his efforts while wet lining on Smallmans Reach. We had killed one fat jack which was in good nic and ready to be smoked for the client. After a short conversation with the angler he made it clear to me that he had not had  a touch all morning which led me to the question of how to did you end up with three fish if you had not had a touch as this trick would make my guiding alot easier. With further inspection I could see the fish were in terrible condition and basically spent fish which were on the way back to the lake for another season. These fish were found at first light dead on the sandy banks of Smallmans Reach as they had not survived the flood and given up the ghost. I’m not to sure what his intentions were to be with these fish but I think he mentioned fish pie so atleast they were not wasted. There’s many ways you could look at this in good ways and bad ways, they were culled for better fish to have more chance of getting more feed, there are too many small fish anyway?, the fish had done there jobs ……but the effects of such  a flood may have killed nymph life  which would reduce food levels and ruined eggs waiting to hatch which will effect future stocks of fish!! Tough one eh , we will just have to wait and see the effects of such floods.

Apart from that the fishing on the Tonagriro has been good with most anglers finding a fish or two in most pools around the town and in the lower river. The Braids and down river from here has been jam packed with anglers so if you are looking for a true Tongariro experience I would advice getting away from these places and head up around the Blue pool. Other pools which has fished well this week have been the Cicada pool and the Stag Pool, both carrying fish which will fall to a natural pattern such as white caddis or hare and coppers. If you must fish the Stag pool do not try and cross the tail as you will not make it to the other side but end up embarrassed and wet as  a shag. The best way to access this fine water is to walk up from  the Major Jones bridge and fish all the water which is available on the way as well.

Good reports have been txt messaged to me in the last few days about the TT and Waytahanuie which is good to hear as this will take the pressure of the Tongariro and spread anglers around leading up to the weekend. There are fish scattered throughout most of the nuie which seem to be moving through slightly slower now the lake level has creeped up a  wee bit. The best pool on here for me seems to be the Pig pool which is located at the end of Blake Rd and is a real give me if it has fish in it as it has a lovely drift and plenty of casting room with the option of wet lining from the true right. Fish have also been caught through the TT with some nice specimens being mixed in with many 3lb fish. Trout here still seem to be rolling through at  a rate of knots but if you can follow them and keep up with them for a few days you will have good consistent fishing. Glo bugs are on the menu for these spawning fish and my favourite at the moment is definitely orange, in all water conditions.

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Fish quality in my opinion is of a high standard but I would advise being picky with fish you keep for the table as in recent weeks I have been disapointed in them and myself. I kept a couple of fat hens the other week but they were only fat for one reason and once gutted turned into envelopes with thin sides and average meat colour and all the condition in the roe. On the other hand if you can get a fat jack you should end up with a perfect eating fish for both fresh on the table or hot smoked and cured for later. I like bright orange glo bugs or something with a red dot because this colour seems to annoy a spawning jack and quite often will tease him into striking out resulting with him on the bank feeling sorry for himself.

Ok that’s enough secrets for another week.


Andrew Christmas