Hi again, Perfect weather over the weekend saw Taupo rivers busy with weekend anglers enjoying cold starts but great sunshine for most of the day. Wind has been a problem for some anglers especially on Friday and Saturday afternoon causing the mountain to close on both days but Sunday was perfect.

Angling pressure at the moment has definitely been high on all Taupo rivers with the TT car park chockers by 7am on Saturday and the bottom of Graces rd full of cars by the rise of the sun most days. The Waimarino even got it’s fare share of fisherman walking the banks in search of fresh run fish over the weekend with the carpark at the road fairly busy. I spoke with angler which had given it a reasonable amount of time on Saturday and he reported 5 hooked 2 landed which one was  a nice jack which he had banged for eating. Most fresh fish have pushed through fairly quickly from the last high water fresh which has left the fish that are left down low fairly spooky and tough to get at.

Shaz at the coffee van has been cashing in on the extra fishing traffic in the need of a caffeine fix and reports alot more anglers stopping in, some with good reports others with nothing . I must admit I am a bit of a coffee junky and spend a considerable amount of time in different venues in Taupo socializing with coffee and can honestly report that this coffee is the best, her sense of humour sucks but you cant have everything eh, haha

I was privileged once again over the past couple of days to be able to spend time with a couple of fantastic people which enjoyed our wonderful fishery and both walked away with great memories after successful outings. I had an early start on Friday morning with Niamh Mac Alister from Ireland who was travelling by herself and just wanted to learn how to fly fish and hopefully get into a fish or two.

We were on the water just as the sun was coming up but was joined with 6 other anglers while heading for the braids. Fishing was tough and we covered alot of water from the Plank pool , Honeypot and all through the braids for just one hook up which had me puzzled and searching for excuses. I felt really sorry for her as the wind was howling by 8am and casting was really tough and I had only seen one fish taken which was terrible as we were know joined by 12 anglers. Staring down the barrel of getting skunked I started to blame it on Irish luck which she agreed was probably not the best thing to bring fishing but also confessed to having bananas in her hand bag, I was doomed!! Pushing the half day booking out a wee bit was an easy decision to do as we got along like a house on fire and I was enjoying the Irish accent-god it’s sexy (from women). We headed to the Sportsmans pool just above the bridge where the wind was not as bad and upon getting there I spotted  a very large brown holding hard in on the sandy edge but he was wise to us and drifted into the depth of the pool fairly quickly. A few more ugly casts into the pool an it was not long before Niamh was hooked into quite a nice conditioned jack which pulled quite hard and did its best to escape but eventually came closer enough to slip the net under him and we finally had a fish for her to take away for dinner. Thank god for that fish, I was nervous as hell the entire time and with the threat of earlier in the day of not getting paid it was a relief to see it kicking about in the bottom of the net. A great morning was had and another great friend made which is the most important part of what I do I think-have a great holiday while in New Zealand Niamh

Saturday was my next booking with Nic from Palmerston North which his wife had purchased  a  session on the Tongariro with me for his 51st birthday, oh sorry Nic 41st everybody 41st. As they were driving up that morning Kim had arranged to meet me at Turangi at 10.30 for a late start which I was not excited about as it was Saturday, plenty of anglers about and after tough fishing on Friday I thought we might struggle again. We instantly just headed up river to get away fro the mobs of anglers which were all below the bridge and upon arriving at the Stag car park we found ourselves to have it all. As I have been saying for weeks, if you want to get away and have the best scenery and time to yourself travel up river and search for untouched water as it is there, even on a weekend.  Nic has done a fair bit of fishing but only gets out twice a year as he has a young family and a demanding job and usually targets places like the TT as he had not done very well on the Tongariro before. As soon as Nic rolled the first cast out I knew I could find this guy fish and change his thinking of the Tongariro as he was an awesome cast with a high level of mending skills and was able to read water well. I set him up with a 5mm bead and a couple of small naturals as the Stag is fairly deep and as always it’s important to get those nymphs working for you fast. He admits he had been fishing to light and this may have been his main problem, I hear so many stories like this one. The decision to head up river was a good one and Nic managed 6 fish from the Stag and lost a good brown which dragged him own the rapid, they tend to do that in here. Spirits were high and we were both having a great day even got enjoy lunch which Kim had packed for us, that’s the first time the client has packed lunch for me. Nic is such a nice guy he even invited me to start fishing with him with the spare rod which occasionally happens but in the past I have stuck to just standing next to the client and guiding. This time I took him up on his kind offer and started fishing away moving up through the pool while Nic stepped in behind me and followed me up. I knew this was a bad idea as Nic hooked into the best fish of the day from a piece of water I had just fished, what a great look!!

Nic had never fished below the bridge  so we lengthened the day for a couple of hours and headed down to the Plank pool and made our way through the braids and the Honeypot. I could not believe it we had the entire place pretty much to ourselves and better still Nic pushed his total out to 11 fish. The fish we caught down the braids were generally in better condition to those we found in the Stag with  a couple of them nice fresh bullets. We had a fantastic session and exceeded my expectations of a busy Saturday on the river but credit must be given to great angling by Nic. Anytime,anywhere Nic give me a ring and lets do that again !!

As you can see it’s once again a case  of being in the right place at the right time and having some good local knowledge to be successful. Fish are still about people but work needs to be put into tracking them down especially when angling pressure is high. Terminal tackle should be in stealth mode while conditions are bright and clear , don’t be scared to use those small #16s-they can see them!!

Have a great week guys.

Andrew Christmas