Hi there, Well what a week to be involved with the great outdoors with this awesome weather we are experiencing at the moment. Soak it up while we can is the advice as it supposed to crack up by Friday and turn to custard again cooling things off. Anglers are out in force and of the most river has had a fairly good going over and is in need of some rain to bring a few fish over the lip and into the system.

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I have personally had my hands full in the last few days with the arrival of a new addition to the family so I have not been up the river for a few days. Trusty Mike Hughes has been tramping the river bank and had a quite good numbers yesterday with landing 14 fish all of which were in average condition and had been in the system for a wee bit. Early morning riser is our Mike and he had 7  fish on the bank before 8am so this might be a good tip for you all and get out of bed. Again the lower river receiving most of the attention but we should see this change in the next month or so when the runs slow down and the weather becomes warmer forcing fish to stay in the cool headwaters instead of the slow lower river.

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I have managed to hit the mouth of the Waytoohardanuie in the last two nights and have enjoyed landing 3 fish which were all in good condition. I am very lucky to have such luck here as there were 11 one evening and ten the next all lined up enjoying each other’s company and watching the stunning sunsets. If you have a spare hour or so while holidaying in Taupo it really is worth getting down and experiencing the famous picket fence, not quite what it used to be but a great place to pass time.

I am guiding tomorrow for half the day then full days Friday and Sunday so I should be able to get back to you with a better more accurate fish update once those days are complete. I hope for a full nights sleep and no disturbance so if you can all cross your fingers for me it will be appreciated. Tough times at the moment but I know with the right training he will be retrieving ducks and smelling out trout in no time.

Readers meet ROCK the new “christmas on the river ” GUIDE dog which will be tagging along on most trips when he is big and ugly enough.

Speak very soon

Andrew Christmas