Hi guys, Well the weekend certainly fished the way I expected it to and most anglers which know the water and don’t mind exploring did pretty well. Turangi has seen some drizzly coldish starts to most days but has turned into some truly amazingly clear days which make you feel privileged to be alive and enjoying the Tongariro.

Trout were caught by anglers all over the river using glo bugs in the morning with the overcast conditions and switching to small naturals later in the day with the clearing weather. I had some fantastic clients over the weekend but Friday really was a standout day for me when I had the pleasure of spending the day with Jamie Anderson from Auckland.

Jamie contacted me at the start of the week explaining his situation and that he had been fishing lakes and dirty backwaters around Auckland and was not yet able to catch anything bigger than his thumb and really wanted some expert tuition on casting and fishing rivers with large wild trout in. I grabbed the job with both hands and invited Jamie to an early start on the Tongariro meeting him at his accommodation in the dark to make sure the capture of a fish bigger than his thumb was going to happen.

We started the day by crossing the tail of the Plank pool in the dark and began making our way up the main lies of this brilliant piece of water hoping to get of the mark early.

Jamie’s casting needed some work and mending was getting the better of him for the first hour but it was not long before he had improved ten fold and I started to feel confident that he was now covering great amounts of water which would end up with fish on the bank.

He hooked up quite smartly as we approached the head of the Plank pool and although it was not a huge fish it was longer than his thumb which made him smile and start enjoy the day instead of me yelling in his ear to mend, straighten the line out, take up slack , arrggghh!!

After spending a few hours through the braids Jamie certainly had landed some handsome fish and we were both on a  high as we walked around the braids and back to the car holding two lovely fish over 4lb. We had a lovely lunch in the rain together and then headed up river to show Jamie how different the river can be from the braids. The upper river certainly is a nice area to be and on weekends generally gets alot less fishing pressure which suits alot of anglers these days. We headed to the Blue pool and once again Jamie managed countless amounts of trout from this deep hole using once again bright orange glo bugs. Fish will sit close to the edge in this pool and there really is no need to be pounding long casts to the other side of the river in this water as they just wont be in fast, deep turbulent water-fish the edges!

The fish suprised me in here as they were silver as well and had obviously really powered up the river to get that far up to be in such good nic still. The jacks had become dark but the hens were still in great condition and displayed true rainbow colours while trying to escape with long hard runs and terrific leaps trying to shake the hook.

Jamie had a fantastic couple of days on the Tongariro and has become another believer of the wonderful river, Im sure we will see him back soon.

Fishing got a little tougher over the weekend but most anglers were still able to find fish by either getting up early or taking a walk of the beaten track. I had clients again on Sunday and was able to find them  fish on Sunday with a late start, so if you are prepared to fish hard you will find fish.

Best fishing for my clients above the bridge was the Stag pool, Blue pool and the Sand pool but if you are looking at heading to the Stag I advise walking around the long way as the crossing at the moment is DANGEROUS.  Most of the good fishing I found below the bridge was through the braids in Spot X, Honeypot and Plank pool using glo bugs. There you have it a very honest fishing report which if followed should find you onto fish if you come up in the next few days, the other better option is to ring me and book some personal guiding.

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the week as I have an amazing report in the making which will take you to the headwaters of the Tongariro on raft. I rafted down there today with New Zealand River Rafting and checked out the river to see what it was going to be like this summer for the opening of summer fishing. In short it should be amazing and you will be able to do it this year with me for  a very reasonable rate so keep reading towards the end of the week and see some fishing and scenery which will blow you away.

Thanks for reading guys.