Hi all, Back to  a good old fishing report this week as I am sure you are all sick of reading about rafting the Tongariro but I must admit it really is  a special trip which has shaped up to be very popular. There are still dates available during the prime time in December and if you would like to get on one please drop me an email and we can get you on one of these special excursions.

The Taupo rivers have been in desperate need of some rain as fishing has generally dropped of a wee bit and rivers are running low and clear. Fish that are in the rivers at the moment have been there for some time and in the smaller streams have become very spooky making them hard to catch. Fish that I have caught with clients in the last few days have nearly all been Jacks and in poor condition, some of them being spent and on there way home to the lake for another year.

It has rained all day today and the rivers have moved slightly so I hope the rain will keep up for the next few days and improve our rivers from a numbers point of view.  Rain is always welcome in these parts and all rivers will benefit from it especially the smaller ones like the TT and the Hine. The TT has fished very well over the last month when the flow is up or the river slightly dis-coloured and I should imagine we have plenty of action to go in this river this season.

The Waytahanuie has been quite good lately with some nice Jacks caught both from the rip and the river and I can only hope that with this rain we will see improved angling in here as well. I found myself with plenty of time on my hands last week and was able to stand in the rip till dark on quite  a few occasions which was great as I managed fish on every visit using big orange heave and leaves. I have no idea what has been going on with the Hine and have not fished it for some time but Shane French advises that if there is no cars in the car park you are mad to drive past without a quick explore as there should be fish in it at the moment. The Hine is famous for some of the better fish in the Taupo fishery and hopefully if you put the time in this is where you will most likely pick one up or at-least come in contact with one. Large fish are hard to land at the best of times but when you have limited space and plenty od snags and obstacles about like you have in the Hine, getting the bugger to the net just gets that bit harder. I once had the problem of my net not being big enough on this river and after  a great battle I was able to get close enough to slip the net under the monster. A monster it was and at this point you would think it was caught but it managed to squirm it’s way over the top and flick it’s way out again catchingthe second fly in the mesh creating a different angle of pull on the fish causing the hook to dislodge from the flesh of the trouts mouth-GONE!!! Many moons ago now and I had forgotten about if for some time until my memory was jogged, anyway that’s fishing.

The Tongariro has once again been the most productive and if you wish to walk and explore you will generally get a few fish for the day from most of the river. There is no dead zones in the river at the moment and fish are spread out fairly well but to increase your chances try to move around or get the first line through your favourite pool as I feel sure it helps.

Myself and Mike have been on the river most of the week with guiding or just fishing for fun and we have covered a fair bit of water so this should give you an idea where to go without ll thinkingand decision making. The Braids for both of us has been pretty good with quite alot of fish scattered throughout pools such as the Honeypot and the Plank pool. Spot X is back and fishing fairly well if given a rest between anglers as they seem to scatter and come back on the lie fairly quickly here. The Bends and Smallman’s reach has had fresh passing through and holdingin the pools early but they are usually stirred up by 6am with anglers thrashing the water. I headed down there on Tuesday morning with client Steve at 6am and we were about the 4th car so I would assume you may want to get there at about 4am to secure a spot. Mike is fairly enthusiastic about this area and he has now built a bivey down there and sleeps down there on most nights so you lot may as well stay away from this area as it will be occupied early. I fished the Stag pool with Steve aswell and enjoyed some good solid fish from the true right which were coloured but in good condition and scrapped well.

I would not try to cross here at the moment as the river is running to hard and the rocks are unstable for one reason or another. We fished the Cicada as well and it was equally as goodso stick to safety and try out this great piece of water. Fish here were sitting very close to the bank on the true left so approach the pool with care as not to spook them, pools shaping up well for summer. Mike fished above Judges and Judges itself and enjoyed a few solid hook ups through here using small naturals under heavy front flies. Judges has changed a wee bit in the past month and is not as good as it was last summer but still holds good numbers of fish and offers good holding water for trout. I hope this summer someone will get in and try and pull one particular snag out of here as it really is in a bad spot and I seem to forget about it or tempt fate every time im up there. 

Pool of the year is the Bridge and it is producing dozerns of fish every day so line up and catch your three from here, that way you wont disturb me fishing the rest of the river. Im actually serious the bloody pool beneath the bridge for some raeson keeps chucking out great quantities of fish and at the end of the weekend  if you have not got a fish to prove you have been out and not chasing skirt around Turangi stop here and you should be able to get one.

Glo bugs have been on the menu early in the morning and on overcast crappy days but if you are not getting fish I would strongly advise changing to White Caddis. They seem to love these little critters in these clear conditions and if tied on a #14 or #16 hook they are lethal with most fish. Remember those frustrated male fish that you can see chasing each other about well they will strike out at  glo bugs if annoyed enough so keep putting them over his nose.

The last couple of days we have guided some interesting people on the river and there comments and humour I think has to be spoken about. Mike Hughes who is guiding with me over the summer this year and picking up my slack took a couple of Irish clients for me for the full day yesterday. They shared some great times and hooked over 12 fish in the lower river which is pretty good going by anyone’s standards.

Mike was absolutely stumped when Helen asked him at 1 o’clock that she cant get the repairing of the line right and she didn’tquite understand what was wrong with it as it looked fine!! We will have to find a new word for mending your drift as obviously it is misleading for some clients.

On the same day I was guiding Steve down the Bends in the lower pool but was not the only one in the pool as we were not first there. Nymphing in behind the guy for quite sometime it became obvious that this guy new the hot spot and was not moving even with the pressure we applied with stepping up. We asked if he minded us moving in front of him and moving through the pool which he said was fine and he was happy staying where he was as he was enjoying many hook up’s, great.  Steve finally hooked up and landed the first fish of the day but it was a coloured up Jack and not the nicest fish. As we released it matey hooked up again this time into a really nice fresh hen which fought like a steam train which after landed he asked if we would like to take it home  and have it (cant take another man’s fish). Within a second my quiet client yelled “no were right but we wouldn’t mind your f@#”ing spot”. I had to look the other way and giggle to myself, needless to say he packed up an moved on.

This website is as honest as they come and I must admit today I got skunked while guiding three young fellas from Aus on the Tongariro that had not fished before. We fished the Braids hard and covered most of the water but just could not get of the mark , unfortunately that’s how it goes sometimes. It’s not that the fish were not there as I spotted anglers carrying trout it was just not our day.

Anyway I’m out again tommorow so we will start a fresh and with the rain we are receiving it should be ok for the week I hope.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas