Hi guys, Well I hope not many of you read our reports last week and rushed up to fish the Taupo rivers over the weekend because if you did I think you have gone home disappointed. Conditions were set for a perfect run of fresh fish to charge up the rivers with the barometer dropped under a thousand and the rivers high and slightly coloured which is usually plenty to encourage fresh up, sorry if we led you astray but fishing’s fishing eh.

A few fish were picked of from various pools down river and those who fished all day and covered alot of water generally found fish but those who get stuck in the one pool because they caught one there last trip generally bummed out. The pool under the bridge continued to produce fish and Im still baffled in why they are so easy to catch in here as the pool gets thrashed all day and half the night and still trout seem to come out.

DoC continue to advise us that the main runs are still to arrive which is comforting to know but lets hope they’re right as I’m not quite ready to let go of the winter runs just yet. Last year when fishing was alot tougher I did manage to have a great month in October and November so lets hope this year closes the winter fishing in the same way.

Umpqua have released  a small blue nymph with a bluey bead on the front which has been quite good of late in the Tongariro. This critter does not really look like much but our strain of trout seem to know what it is and have been accepting them regularly. These nymphs have worked well in the Fence pool for some reason which is made that pool easier to fish for me. Until the other day I had never caught a trout in the Fence pool but after rafting through it the other day and seeing dozens of fish sitting in the tail of the pool I decided to change strategies and persist with it, eventually it paying of and giving two of it’s trout up.

The summer fishing kicks of this week with backcountry water opening up to anglers to try their luck at stealthy smart trout which is always  a busy time on all rivers. I would advise anglers to give it a rest for  a week and try and get to the Tongariro as it will probably be quiet compared to other far away rivers.

Lake O should be popular as usual and fishing from the boat should be exciting with many fish cruising the weed beds at this time of year picking of  slowly retrieved Wooly Buggers. The canals are another obvious place to find concentrated fish numbers and if you are an experienced caster you should have no problems in picking the odd one up in here this year when canals have water movement in them.

I have another trip running this year into the headwaters of the Whanganuie using 4 wheel quads which I am checking out the tracks and access tomorrow and will be fishing it on the 1st when it opens. Fishing this water is amazing and if it’s  a back country adventure that you are looking for this will certainly give your fix so will post a full report by the end of the week with a full run down of whats involved and pictures to wet the appetite.

With local summer fishing always productive, rafting the upper section of the Tongariro and the 4wheel bike back country day out this is shaping up to be  a very busy time leading up to Christmas so if you are interested in any of this give a me  buzz and we can get you out there or locked into a date before someone else. All trips are well worth doing and alot of effort and thought has gone into making it a memorable experience which you wont forget quickly and will probably book again next year. I pride myself on returning clients and grab new clients with both hands as it is important that you all come back and use my professional service again.

I am trying to get this crew for all fly in trips this year but I’m not sure if the costs will be quite affordable for clients so will have to talk nicely to them. Not sure if they can tie tappered leaders or teach you to double haul but I’m sure the cheese and biscuits on the trip home will make up for it.

Watch out for the quad bike trips!

Andrew Christmas