Hi guys, Angling pressure on the taupo rivers this week has been minimal due to howling  cold conditions which has kept most fisherman away from the river and staying inside. The rain seems to have stopped andslowed up the wind certainly has been causing problems with sloppy casters causing the doctors in Turangi  to work overtime with removing fish hooks from various parts of the body.

I guided another Father and Son morning yesterday on the Tongariro and only came across one other angler that was Mike Hughes who has permanently set up camp in the braided area. Paul and son Liam had not fished before and although the sunny conditions were welcome the wind which was gusting up to 100ks an hour was making teaching and casting nearly impossible. Liam again only being 11 years old was as keen as anyone to catch his first trout while holidaying in New Zealand from Cairns and I sure was not going to let him go away with nothing. We managed to get a drift about 1 out of 8 casts which was not Liam’s fault but the conditions we were trying to fish in. Eventually he hooked a couple of good fish in the head of the Plank pool in the fast water using small green caddis which with plenty of coaching and nervous moments from me we were able to put these into the net for him. This Father Son fishing really reminds me of my early years of fishing with my Dad and I think it is so important to introduce kids to the outdoors and let them enjoy something you are  also passionate about. Obviously this takes alot of patience and at times can be nothing but a pain in the butt for you but man they appreciate it, Liam spoke of his fish all the way back to Taupo.

Mike who was also fishing the braids with us was struggling with the wind also but with his new LOOP 8weight from our kind sponsors he was making easy work of it and was managing to hook up quite regularly. The fish were generally in all good condition and were silver and fresh from the lake which should have attracted many more anglers, but if you don’t go and try you don’t know they are there I suppose. I think Mike said he ended up with about 14 or so which by watching where he was fishing most of them were coming from the fast water between main pools and seemed to be on the move. Fish that I saw him land would have averaged 3lb and were really screaming of down the river testing his old spindley legs as he gracefully stumbled down river hanging onto angry rainbows. All fish yesterday despite the conditions were taken on small naturals such as white caddis, green caddis, hare and coppers and something purple in colour called the batman nymph.

Rain is forecast to hit us again tomorrow which will again be putting alot of anglers on the back foot in deciding whether it is worth the while in making the trip up which is ok for us locals who enjoy fresh run trout to ourselves. The Tongariro has some lovely colour in it at the moment and with the snow melting from last weeks blast we should see this fishery remaining in the same way for quite some time. The lake is pretty full at the moment so this should slow the emptying process of the river and will set the summer fishing up just nice with higher conditions than this time last year. Just as I think we have seen the last of the runs come through a few more seem to appear which is really good for everyone, remember you wont enjoy them if you are not out there trying.

The Waytoohardanuie produced some good fish over the last week or so in the river using glo bugs and hare and coppers. This river should currently be holding some good numbers of fish in the lower reaches due to the hard winds blowing in on the mouth not allowing fisho’s into the rip to disturb them as they push over the lip. Reports from the Tauranga Taupo over the past week have been very good with most anglers coming out with their limits when the conditions were right.

The river was perfect during the week as it dropped from high water and big numbers of trout were caught when the flow hit .66 using weighted nymphs and glo bugs. A mixture of fish are in most rivers with some good jacks that are perfect for the smoker still available, hen fish are very fat with eggs and are better let go.

Good reports keep flowing in with many anglers having good sessions at Lake O when they are able to get out of the wind. I have not heard of any huge fish taken but the fish that are in the canal seem to be very fat and are weighing in at about 4lb with some massive browns spotted cruising the edges, they’re the one’s I’m interested in!!

I’m sure you re looking at the lovely picture of this small pretty rainbow that was sent to me by a client from Auckland andwas caught in a stocked lake in the heart of Auckland. When this guy booked with me for a day on the mighty Tongariro his only request was that he saw or caught a fish that was bigger than his thumb as this is what he has been used to catching.

Naturally he was blown away when by morning tea he had landed 3 fish of over 3lb and was tickled pink and couldn’t get of his cell phone to all his work mates telling them of his success with “christmas on the river”. I have included this photo today as part of my blog to show you that our fishery here is not as bad as alot of you think it is and that if you fish elsewhere like the lake that this fish came from this is maybe what you may catch. Taupo fishery does not boast to have the largest trout in it anymore nor does it have the best average but we certainly are still ahead of most of the world with what we have got and it is only looking better all the time.  The saying that 10% of anglers catch 90% of trout is very true and to be really good at any sport you must do it a few times a week  and practice which is something we can do in Taupo. Trout this year have been much better than last season and although not huge fish the condition generally has been pretty good which has pleased many anglers.

I visited Rotoroua today and popped over to the Ohau channel to have a nosey and get the goss on how the season has been going over there. I spoke with the local store owner and he said on the opening two days there were over 300 fish taken from the canal which were in massive condition the best weighing in at 17lb. I watched 10 anglers for a few minutes fishing heavy sinking lines and smelt patterns and saw one fish caught of  about 3lb which was tossed back as a tiddler.

The style of this fishing does not interest me but it is one way that eventually you will hook something which you could proudly display on the wall if you wanted. Rotoroua generally has coloured water and when I saw the boys fishing brown water it made me realize that we are lucky to have clean conditions most of the time, a change every now and again is good though.

Hope you all can get out over the weekend and brave the weather.

Andrew Christmas www.taupotroutguide.com