Hi guys, Taupo rivers were very quiet over the weekend that has just passed but fisho’s that tried their luck did pretty good in most areas. We had two great days over the weekend with plenty of sun to warm up the rivers for evening rises which certainly happened on the Tongariro.

Spring is one of those times of year which I’m very undecided on and cant work out what the bloody weather will do as I’m sick to death of trying to work out what season we are going to have at the start of the day and what one we will have at the end of the day. This week the wind has again played havoc on anglers and teaching casting has been interesting that’s for sure. Southerly winds are difficult to deal with and it can be very hard to get out of the wind on the Tongariro when it is blowing from this direction.

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Instead of nymphing why don’t you have a go at swinging the wetline ?, the wind will behind you and the wind will help you on that forward cast. I always use a heavy sink tip which allows an easy cast once the first twenty feet is out of the eye of your rod as it kinda turns into a weight forward  and should throw  itself.

I spent a few days on different rivers this week and found fish in all of them with a little bit of walking and searching. The Tongariro has got trout in most of the river but they are in not in concentrated numbers and you should only expect to pick up a few fish up here and there so don’t stand in one pool and expect to keep banging them out. I guided Patrick who is in the army at Waiorou and he managed to catch fresh fish in the bends down river and in the braids which is just down from the bridge. I feel sorry for you also Patrick that wind was not easy mate and you did really well at getting that line out to even get a chance of hooking at a fish, it would have been a walk away day for me!

Glo bugs have been working quite well very early in the morning and fish will still take these for a couple of weeks until this cold unsettled weather moves through. Generally as soon as the sun hits the water you should be looking at tying on a natural pattern like a white caddis or hare and copper in a small size like #14.

Admirals pool is one pool which is holding good numbers of trout at the moment and if you think there is no fish in the river maybe you should peer over the top of the cliff and count how many you can see. Admittedly this pool is very tough to fish and generally trout that are sat on the true left of this pool are pretty safe but just occasionally a good angler with a long cast can get a good drift that will pull these fish of their lies. Wet lining can also be effective in here especially at night and is one of the most productive pools for big browns when they are in the system , these fish love big black wooly buggers at night.

I have aslo been in the top of the Waytoohardanuie this week just for an afternoon and was pleased to see again no anglers and a few fish. These fish seem a little smaller than this river is used to and they seem a little spooky but they can be caught with the right approach and techniques. This sometimes might mean shorter leaders or heavier bombs, nylon or flurocarbon, fixed indicators or sliding , vary things about and see what works for you.

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Another special place which I have not been able to get into which I have this week thanks to the rain easing and the river dropping is the Mohaka. The Mohaka is one of my favourite rivers and with so much water to fish I never get to spend enough time exploring this place every summer. Nymphing is the preferred way to fish here and this week this method produced some really good conditioned Rainbows and one very ugly brown from this water. Back-country fish always fight like steam trains and these fish certainly lived up to their reputation with long hard runs and plenty of fish escaping which is all part and part of fishing. I wouldn’t use  a glo bug or a huge heavy bomb in here you really need to adapt stealth mode and use smaller weighted flies and small naturals like PT variants or Hare and coppers. They are not spawning fish and are smarter than the standard spawning rainbow running the river from the lake so take care when angling for these precious fish. I always try and catch and release in back-country rivers and as these fish are resident trout they need to be looked after so lets try and let these fish live another day for another angler, get the one for the smoker from the Taupo fishery.

Will be fishing again early in the week and have a few meetings with anglers which are interested in the packages which are on my website so hopefully will have some great stories to report on throughout the week.

Tight lines people