Hi guys, Well another weekend has passed and another busy week is ahead of us which should bring interesting challenges for many of us in our chosen professions. The weather on the weekend was perfect here in Taupo with hot sunny conditions and cloudless skys which gave many anglers some good fishing on the Tongariro. The biggest challenge I face in my job at the moment is predicting the weather and getting my clients out of the wind so they can have a realistic chance of getting a line out.

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Over the weekend anglers took part in some amazing dry fly action in the last few moments before dark using small drys like Elk hair Caddis patterns. It is a big gamble waiting till dark for some kind of hatch or evening rise as the wind can come up and wreck things very quickly putting an end to any hope. The weekend was different and all that waited and switched to very light rigs enjoyed plenty of violent splashes at their swinging drys. This is great news for the Tongariro and should inspire many of you anglers to get up here and enjoy some truly exciting fishing.

I guided Brett from New Plymouth today and must admit it was one of the easiest days I have had for  a while in terms of fishing with a gentleman which was  a pleasure to spend time with. We did not catch heaps and heaps of trout (far from it) but Brett was happy to be shown the finer arts to reading water and mending so that he will up his catch rate while fishing alone. Again our day was spoilt with bad weather and howling winds which made casting very awkward and at times dangerous.

We did get a few fish from the Braids and the mighty Stag pool which has been fishing well of late. I fished with Mike yesterday and had 10 fish from the Stag with the best being a solid 4lb Rainbow hen which pulled like a steam train and I was lucky to stop her from escaping down the rapid. All fish from here were solid and silver and I expect they were part of the pod of fish that went through last Friday.

If you have been around the river in the past few weeks you should have noticed alot of juvenile fish sitting close in the edge trying to stay out of trouble. These are slowly being picked of by fat Grey Herons but also are being chased by hungry trout which tells me wet lining should be a good method at the moment and especially at night. Try using a lumo at night the rainbow trout are suckers for them and if you are targeting big Browns try the biggest ugliest fur fly you have in your box slowly stripped.

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Big week ahead this week with two quad bike trips into the Whanganuie headwaters so will have some exciting stories to report I should think before the weekend, if not just after. Plenty of angling opportunities at the moment for all capabilities so get up here and wet that line.

Happy fishing