Hi guys,

Just a quick note to wish you all good luck over the weekend and to fill you in on how the fishing has been in Taupo the last few days. I am gearing the truck up at the moment for a quad bike trip into the Whanganuie in the morning with some American clients so have my fingers crossed for perfect conditions. Back country fishing should be really good at the minute as we have not received much rain here for some time and levels should be safe in most places.

The Tongariro at the moment is fishing ok but many anglers are reporting mixed results depending where they had been and what they had used as bait. The braided area still producing it’s fair share of fish as is the Stag, Duchess and Boulder Reach thus giving anglers plenty of water to choose from.

I guided Mario today from Germany and man did I have some fun with this guy! It was one of those perfect days with great weather, great company and even the fish were playing the game which makes me feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world. Mario was one of the funniest guys I have come across, not as funny looking as you Mike but close and he really made the day fly on by. I am actually surprised we managed any fish at all as most of the time he was happy standing in the river talking about one thing or the other instead of casting, that’s when you know you client is relaxed and having a good experience.

The last time Mario had fly fished was back in Germany 10 years ago but he took to it like ducks to water and was loading some nice looking casts into the eye of the Stag pool. It was not long before the first throb of the rod was pounding away with a angry Rainbow which after landed was crowned Mario’s largest ever Rainbow, god we take things for granted here. After a few hours with Mario he had managed to land 5 fish from the Stag pool which just like this time last year is fishing very well again with small naturals.

All day he pulled fish from various un named runs and screamed for joy after every hook up and got even more joy watching them swim free to see another day. He commented all day on the bird life, the insects and the clarity of our river he made it very obvious we are a lucky country and some of us take it for granted when the fishing is tough.

After enjoying his company for a few hours we were lucky enough to enjoy Shazza’s company and coffee for  a few minutes before returning back to Taupo. Well Shaz you sure scared Mario and he was wondering if all NZ women had short hair and joked about like you. After today Mario has booked another half day on Monday to chase a few more fish so I suppose that’s a good sign that you are doing a good job.

I think there would have been a hatch or evening rise tonight but was not on the river late enough to witness it but with the heat of the day and no wind it would have been on the cards.

Tight lines and speak after the weekend.