Hi guys, Finding it hard at the moment to get to the computer and when I do it seems to be loaded up with emails that need replying to concerning fishing or bloody overdue accounts. I am slowly chewing through them and hopefully will get this blog back in full swing asap and let you guys know what has been happening in your rivers.

I have spent most of my time in the back country of late with odd day thrown into my week on the mighty Tongariro. The back country has been in full swing lately with rivers all fairly clear and fishable and fishing really well with fat solid wilderness fish. I fished the Mohaka last Friday with Trish and Dave from Denver and had a fun filled day with awesome weather and plenty of hard fighting fish including a couple of very pretty brownies which Dave caught in the deeper holes.

I was a little unsure about how the Mohaka would be on this particular day as we did receive a little bit of rain early in the week which had meant we had to cancel our heli fishing and a small amount of rain can effect this area of the Mohaka quite easily. We decided to take the chance that it was going to be ok and left Taupo fairly early so we were on the river and geared up for a big day.

Greeted by clear rivers, spring growth and an abundance of wild life I was fairly certain we could find some fish and give these guys another awesome day. The first crossing we tried ended up with tails between our legs and retreating back to where we started as it was still a few inches too high to safely cross and Trish’s little legs were bending in places they were not supposed to.

Plan B was put into place after I had thought of it on the spot and we found a lovely little pool which I usually walk past but as I had to buy some time to think of another plan I decided to get them fishing and hopefully of the mark for the day. I am very pleased we stopped here as Trish managed to hook 4 good fish in the first fifteen minutes which had her smiling and teasing Dave about how girls can do things better, lol. As they had just got married and we want the marraige to last Dave took over the head of the pool and managed to hook another 5 good solid fish from here which one was a very nice looking Brownie. A great start to the day from a pool which I had never bothered with in the past but  a pool which will receive a fair bit of attention in the future.

All day we wondered up the Mohaka river and took our time admiring the rolling hills with native NZ bush while enjoying some fantastic bird life and amazing strong angry rainbow trout. We did not come across a pool which produced like the first but nearly every pool produced a hook up or  a trout landed which is great fishing by anyone’s standards. Like most back country fish at the moment fish were all fat as could be and gave great battles in their quest to escape getting their photo taken. Like other rivers and past years these fish were hungry and any standard nymph which is presented the right way was not going unseen and in some cases I think they even fight over it making for exciting fishing.

The Mohaka river is accessible fairly easily by vehicle or 4wd and does generally receive a fair bit of attention from anglers as over time many have worked out how to get down to areas which is good fishing. The disappointing bit for me is that you are allowed to spin fish in here and this method does get used a fair bit in here. I don’t know how well they do with spinners but I think that some fish are too smart to be fooled with a lump of shining lead wound at speed through the river. The Mohaka does hold certain areas with smaller juvenile fish and these do take lures quite well and I don’t know how well these guys survive after being hooked with a hook that has come up through the jaw and through their eye? The gentle art of fooling fish with a natural pattern will certainly catch more trout in most cases and be much more satisfying to the angler. I do on the other hand understand that kids need to start somewhere and spin fishing is a vital part of growing up and becoming a very good fly fisherman as fly fishing for a ten year old can be frustrating and quite boring.

Again I practice catch and release through here and try and get all my clients to take a  quick photo and get the fish back in the water to ensure it has a good survival rate. The Mohaka for some anglers can be  a daunting piece of water and as you can see from various photo’s it gets quite wide in places with no real defined pools. This in my opinion is when experience comes into it and to be successful here you need to be able to read water and determine where fish will be feeding or sitting waiting for dislodged nymphs. You could spend all day fishing big expanses of water but you will only pick up fish where they can fin lightly and receive a good amount of feed. Next time you are out on the river and take a few fish make sure you note where and why they would have been sat there, this skill will increase your catch rate on any river.

Dave and Trish fished for about 8 hours on the water and hooked into about 17 fish which was good going for this area which get fished by the public quite a lot. Trish caught her second ever largest trout only beaten by her monster from the Wanganuie just days before and Dave enjoyed landing fish which were all larger than those he is used to in America. Trish was fascinated by the different rocks our rivers had and the poor old guide was hoping she would not find too many more as his pack was getting very heavy with stones and bits of wood!! Hope you got through customs all ok guys and they did not sting you too much for the extra weight in the bags.

Another big week ahead guys with both local and backcountry fishing so will try and do a short up date mid week for you all to read while sat at work in the office. Hope everyone has some plans for fishing over the next month and the xmas break as it will be pretty good for a while yet.

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