Hi guys,

Another quiet week on the river has passed and anglers who are getting out on the river before Christmas are doing well in most places using most methods. Tongariro has fished steadily for some weeks now for those who enjoy moving between pools and swapping flies until you find something which works.

It is so nice to just walk up any part of the river and not see another angler let alone have to wait to fish a pool or be pushed through faster than you wish . This relaxed atmosphere is rubbing of on all anglers as everyone seems to be in great relaxed moods and willing to have a chat when and if they do come across other fisho’s.

Summer fishing the Tongariro really is it’s best kept secret and can get written of from alot of anglers as it is only advertised as a winter fishery made famous by it’s spawning runs from Lake Taupo. Well if that’s what everyone wants to believe then that is fine by us here in Taupo and Turangi as it gives us some really easy fishing while everyone else is running around the backcountry.

Dry fly action has been pretty good this week as we have had some fairly settled weather which has encouraged some good hatches both through out the day and the evening. Cicada’s have started to chirp but I think we are weeks away with these critters still but when they do arrive be sure to be on the water as it will be easy fishing for all. After a long winter throwing heavy bombs and glo bugs it really is nice to be able to just relax and toss  a dry fly with a dropper while creeping up the river fishing the faster runs which you would usually overlook.

I had my first session of wet wading during the week and found things to be ok after the initial blast from the icy water. I’m not sure if my legs were frozen or in shock but after a while it was very nice to just walk the river in shorts and wading boots. Something that does spoil my day and I know they take a liking to other anglers are those bloody sand flies, the buggers have got teeth and seem to smell me a mile away. Sprays and lotions seem to wash of legs while in the water and  the only real way to keep them of would be to cover the legs with leg in’s or thermal trousers.

I have had Mike out twice this week and he has done fairly well with clients while fishing the pools around the town. His favourite would have to be the Braids and down to the Bain which is understandable with alot of fish holding down that way which are easily polaroided and cast at with a nymph or dry fly.

My favourite has not changed and I still have been very lucky when visiting the mid river and fishing pools such as the Cicada and the Stag pool. Every day I am checking websites expecting to see someone holding a big brown as they must be so close to turning up at any minute,I cant wait!!

We are still available to work Christmas day!! It’s not that we dont like Christmas but we would rarther be on the river with you guys. We will make it a special day with a awesome lunch with all the trimmings and Mike even put on the Santa hat just to get in the swing of that Christmas spirit that he loves.

Have a good few days winding down at work guys.

Tight lines