Hi again,

I’m sorry for the short report especially when we have plenty to tell you but time is precious at the moment and seem to be flat out on the river or organizing guiding. In short the Tongariro is on fire with most anglers catching very good fish all through the river. The rain never really flooded the river but just raised the level to a perfect height both for fishing and encouraging some new fish into the system.

Cicadas are in force and chirping very loudly from sunrise to sunset but the trout have not quite worked out what they are just yet but when they do it should be all on like last year. The Cicadas seem high in the vegetation at the moment but with a little more hot weather they should drop down to water level and in the end they will be in the drink as trout bait. My favourite Ciacada last year was a big black one with green glitter all over it the only thing wrong  with it was it was a commercially tied fly which had been tied on crap hooks which lost alot of trout so this year the pattern has been copied and stronger hooks put into place to stop the same thing happening.

A very sad phone call was received this morning and it seems the big brown that I have been trying to catch has been caught and killed by someone else. He has been under the bridge for sometime and has ignored every offering that I tempted him with and has been un done by a bloody Tasmanian-not even Australian!! The brown weighed over 10 lb and was caught on a small wet just before dark last night-RIP big fella. (jealousy)

I have guided the last few days and have been very impressed with fish numbers in the Tonga’s at the moment and think that the rain did it a world of good. Most pools are producing fish of all conditions, they are being caught using all methods aswell. Small nymphs are doing the damage for my clients but I know not everyone likes dropping down to the very small sizes of #18. Trust me drop the size of the nymph and you will hook more trout in the day, nymphs are very small generally remember.

I received this photo of an ugly fish from Brian Topp the other day after I had posted the photo of the ugly one I caught last week. This ugly bastard was caught in he muddy waters of the Rotorua lakes(doesn’t surprise me) but apparently it is some sort of common deform which trout can have.

This fish was sent to scientists in NZ and they got back to Brian with all the info on how this occurs, seems it’s quite common.

Anyways have to fly and get on with the next 10 days of guiding, thanks for reading again.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas