Hi again,

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of reports lately and yes I have been receiving your emails wondering what has happened to them but you  can guarantee if I’m not doing a report that I am out there doing it with one of you. It made me laugh when Glenn Good said the start of his day consists of two cups of coffee a smoke and a good read of the blog.

The past ten days have been fantastic for me and my clients and we have found our best fishing to be no further than the mighty Tongariro. I have fished most of this river this week and have caught a mixed bag of fish from most pools we have explored. I must admit I have been blessed with some truly great fisherman and the best lady fisher I have ever come across. Thanks Theresa for the great the day.

I have done four trips on the upper Tongariro in the past week including a two day overnight camp out which went fantastically. This trip is advertised on my website and is rated 5star. Nothing is left out on this trip and is suitable for the whole family as there is something for everyone to do from fishing, rafting, walking, sun baking, swimming, or simply reading a book in the sun next to the river.

We will supply all the gear including tents, cookers,blow up mattress, table and chairs fishing equipment raft guide and the raft. The food is not really camping style and is a far cry from sausage on a stick with a cup of  tea with no milk. Phil, Karl and Glenn were surprised when they had a choice of chicken or steak with salad and freshly cooked up potatoes following an antipasto platter with wine or beer. As dark onset we even managed to get Luke to cook again and come up with a chocolate self saucing pudding with fresh cherries and freshly brewed filtered coffee. If this sounds like you be sure to send me an email and get some more details.

Day trips are still popular using the raft to access the upper river and we still are managing to hit 15 fish days on most occasions. Fish are starting to become a little more spread out about the place and moving through the river a little faster is needed to achieve these numbers. The best month for this upper section is by far the opening in December as there are so many spawner’s up high still.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Glenn and Theresa yesterday which are readers of the blog everyday and live in Tauranga. These are jobs that as a guide you just have to get right as you know they have been reading all the stories on the blog and are bound to know someone that you do and to be honest I was a little worried at lunchtime when we only had two fish on the bank from the usual spots. I made the decision to raft down fairly low and start again as they were both great casts and really deserved alot more action.

The first pool we stopped at Glenn hooked up 3 times in as many casts and the next 15 followed fairly quickly with Theresa landing two of the better fish on small natural nymphs. It feels great to give something back to readers but also takes a little bit of luck and I was a happy chappy to finally find some fish in the last few pools we visited. Theresa thanked me for my reports as this time last year she was reading all about the Stag pool and decided to give it a go herself as it was fishing so well for big browns. Theresa walked the long way around to get to the Stag which is advisable as it is very deep and slippery at the moment but even had a longer walk back when she had to lug back a 9lb brown which is now proudly displyed in the living room in Tauranga-Girl power!

Again our weather seems to be all over the place and trying to get fish up on the dry can be challenging at times with not too much consistent action about. We had one hot still day during the week and I had one fantastic client so we made the most of his skills and concentrated on the fast shallow water in the upper river and managed to hook 17 on the dry and dropper which sent him back to America with fond memories of our fishery.

The outstanding fly was the blue humpy or blow fly with a simple nondescript dropper in behind. I keep reading reports of the bigger fish taking Cicadas but I have not been seen action that looked like Cicada eating fish as yet but that’s not to say they aren’t on them. The Cicadas are very loud in the trees but I have not seen any floating on the water as yet so maybe in the next few weeks the trout will zero in on them and make dry fly fishing easy again.

Also had some great clients from River Birch’s lodge this week and in particular Peter Swete from the UK which also had some great fish from small rivers close to Turangi.

Peters fish were not huge but were all taken on the dry in tight situations which was great fun for both for us. Fish taking drys really is exciting stuff and the moment between lifting the rod to see if it has weight is horrible for us guides.

It seems backcountry locations are still getting alot of fishing pressure and in my opinion you are best staying local or getting a raft trip into water you have not seen before. The Waipunga and Mohaka are still high following a huge flood they suffered a few ago weeks after all that thunder and lightening. If you are keen to risk the high water take extra care on that Waipunga it can be very deceptive and dangerous.

Lake O has been fishing well both from the shore in the canals and the boat in the lake which is great to hear as last yea I felt it was a little slower than in the past. Some big summer fish have come out and many in the 8lb range have been battled and caught by boaties by the boat ramp rock wall. I did hear of one report of a 11lb hen getting caught at night while stripping a small wet fly long the weed beds -this is now considered huge in my books!!

Again the Cicadas have not been in force up here and your best chance of dry fly would be in the evening with a small Para Adams or midge.

Have a great Valintines day people.