Hi guys,

At the moment I am having terrible trouble sleeping and find keeping still for five minutes nearly impossible so at the early hours of the morning my girlfriend had enough and threw me out to sleep on the couch. I found the couch to be even worse and woke up right on the tick of 5am and had a wonderful idea to go and stand in the mouth of the Waytahanuie as it was a perfect morning with no wind and complete darkness.

The river mouths should be fishing well now with great Rainbows for the taking and the chance of a monster Brown. This was going to be a great morning and I had a good feeling about it as I pushed my way through to the lakes edge only to be joining three other keen fisho’s standing knee deep in the current before me.

I had a small lumo fly and a big black fur fly attached to my depth finder sink tip line which I really seem to be able to get good distance with and swing the flys out the back of the rip.

I never light my lumo up on the first throw as I try and get settled in before getting real serious because on most occasions I find myself in a mess with line and hooks going everywhere. I don’t know why I bother fishing at night it always ends in tears,I get enough tangles during the day!!

Anyway my first cast worked out fine and I had that amazing tugging feeling within the first two strips which resulted in some very loud splashing on the surface before throwing the hook. With confidence booming I fired out a second cast as far as I could with same results only this one ended on the beach and coming home with  me to the smoker. As you can see these fish are in fantastic condition at the moment and if you hit the timing perfect you will also end up with fish of the same calibre. This trout was full of Koura and weighed in at just 5lb. I continued fishing until daylight with only one more hook up which seemed to let go after about 3 seconds for one reason or another.

The highlight of the morning was when a young guy was walking up the beach holding which looked like to be a lump of wood. On closer inspection he showed me the largest Brown trout I have seen caught which must have gone close to 12lb and looked like a football. What a cracking fish- short, fat, great condition and perfect Brown trout spots which will be much admired when he has it mounted for the wall.

Our fishery is in great form at the moment and we are hearing and seeing more of these fish all the time which gives me great confidence for this years spawning runs. The rips are fishing fantastically and if you are having a quiet day on the river or cant sleep you better get down to one and try your luck as there are some fantastic fishing to be had right now!!

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas