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My last report was fairly short and focused on the morning and night fishing at the picket fence or other various river mouths that flow into Taupo. The moon is still in your favour and we have had some fantastic mouth fishing using big black wet fly’s and the famous lumo fly. I have again been heading down the river in the dark at Waytahanuie and have landed fish every morning along with alot of other anglers.

It is very popular at the moment with the nights being muggy and very dark which offers the perfect conditions for fish to venture in close enough for us to catch them while they are enjoying the cold currents and food flowing into the lake. Although you will not be the only one down there the Waytahanuie offers plenty of chances and space for everyone from standing in the main flow of the river fishing the drop of for Rainbows or sneaking of down the beach with a floating line in hope of a big Brown.

This morning conditions were not that great with a slight wind and plenty of rain but anglers still managed to get in a good half an hour which saw good numbers of trout come out. I only landed one of about 3lb but the guys either side of me landed 2 good Rainbows of 4lb and a fantastic Brown of 6lb which I would have liked to have hooked into.

When targeting these Browns in the rip it pays to be fishing the slack water down the lake from the rip as they will hunt their food close to shore and away from the schooling Rainbows. Try using a single large fur fly s they don’t seem to be interested in the lumo patterns which the Rainbow are suckers for.

I guided the Tauranga Taupo the other day and fished past the Rangers pool and will be very honest with you and let you know that we got skunked!! Yes that is a long walk back with plenty of excuses but that’s just how it was. I’m not sure if there is fish in this river at the moment but if there were I sure could not see them nor catch them with any of the methods I know. We did come across a few dinks (small ones) but nothing over a pound was hooked nor landed which was very surprising for such a lovely river. There is nearly always fish working in the Rangers pool but on that day we could not see anything in the usual lie’s. The river is low and clear which has made the rocks very slippery in here so if you do venture up take care on all crossings deeper than your boots-long walk back with a sprained ankle.

The Tongariro is holding it’s own in terms of fish and this is where I will be guiding the next two days in hope of finding some new fresh run brownies. The rain and muggy conditions we have received along with the dark nights should have encouraged the run of some more big browns. This year is later than the last but they are in the lower reaches so they need to come up at some stage -just be ready and on the river.

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I am still starting most of my fishing  with a dry and dropper and find that the best dry for me is the Turks Triantular as it floats high and brings fish in from the other side of the river . I have also had great sport on the blow fly this year in a size #10,  this will also support a substantial nymph and stay high and dry.

The backcountry has been great when fishing large dry, rubbery, floaty things and all fish by now should be in great condition. The upper Whanganui is a fantastic place to dry fly fish at the moment and using the quad bikes to get into these areas ensures awesome fishing.

You will not see another angler in here and you will always find feeding fish to cast the dry at which is a nice change than just prospecting with heavy nymphs in deep pools. Clients should expect to hook and land fish in excess of 5lb in here on a regular basis and be totally amazed with the scenery and the quad biking adventure.

Talking about big fish there are some monsters in the Waytahanuie at the moment but catching them really is a mission. Brown trout are what you will find in here at the moment and when you come across one there will be no mistaking them as there size is incredible. Most fish seem to be doubled up in here at the moment and are only interested in one thing but if you put yourself in the right place at the right time eventually they have to eat. I spotted well over ten fish yesterday over 8lb with odd fish looking like it would be well into double figures but I did not hook any

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. Sometimes these fish are sleeping and you can not even spook them so what chance have you got if they are in that mood. They are all in great condition and if you get one  you will experience one of the hardest fights of your life in a small stream- good luck!

Tight lines anglers

Andrew Christmas