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The Waitahanuie has still consistently produced good numbers of quality trout while fishing with lumo patterns or big black flies. The rip is running right down the beach at the moment thus creating plenty of opportunity for everyone to squeeze in and have their chance of one of the big browns hanging about the rip at the moment. I have only been fishing under the darkness of the night and have found the mornings to be far more productive than the evenings or nights. I have been catching trout up to 6lb on every occasion which has convinced me that this year the trout should be a lot beter than the last couple and we should encounter these fish again this year in the spawning runs. The moon plays a major part on how well the rip will fish and is at it’s best on a new moon with no light. The moon is half grown now and throwing out quite a bit of light so I should think things will slow down now until the next phase.

I have been all over the countryside in the last week but have found my best fishing again in the Tongariro in terms of fish numbers and angling pressure. The back country  in places like the Whakapapa and the Wanganui have received floggings from fishing clubs, locals and overseas fishing teams making fishing very hard and almost pointless. This obviously is only publicly accessed places but with the French, Polish and English teams flogging these areas you are better to just stay local here in Taupo. Hopefully these guys realize that they are fishing fragile fisheries and not the Tongariro and most or all fish are being carefully released so we can keep our waters plentiful.

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I guided the Tongariro again this morning and started the day of in my favourite pool with great hope of finding one of the many Browns in the river at the moment. My client had not fished before so I was willing to cut him some slack for the first 5 minutes but this was not needed as on his first flick he hooked just what we had wanted and had a 7lb brown explode from the river. This was a big trout and pulled line from the reel with ease, it even pulled line from the reel when he leaped!! Ralph had no idea what do with the rod, reel or line and it was not long before it was down the rapid and forever gone . This may have been my fault for not giving him the full run down on what to do if this happens but I thought I would be safe as he only had one small flick-you never now eh!

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Ralph went onto land four good rainbows which put up respectable fights but we did not come across another big brown for the rest of the morning making me feel worse for being part of the escape of the first one. All fish were taken on the Quasimodo nymph in a size #16 which you can pick up from Taupo Rod’n Tackle along with many other nymphs and great advice from Peter. This fishy shop is located on the bottom of Tongariro street and is easy to just quickly run in and get your gear that you are short on and get back on the road straight to the Tongarrio.

Check out this little fella that I found cruising around the edges today on the Tongarrio. If I was him I wouldn’t spend to much time in the water in the shallows with big browns which are in the edges at the moment.

There are still some good opportunities on this  river for the dry fly and you will raise fish with the right cast all day. You must present a drag free drift and have the right bait on so make every cast as if it as your first and tread lightly.I concentrate on the shallow oxygenated riffley pocket water which you can find all through the Blue pool area.

Some of these fish are not great but this is also where you will find some great browns which are willing to slurp the dry or chase the dropper in behind. Reading water at this time of year is a skill which you will use all the time and when fishing a dry while looking for fish you must be able to do this. Sometimes you only get one cast with a dry fly so you don’t want to overlook  fish. There’s nothing worse knowing that you missed something and did not realize that you just cast your line over the main lie and spooked the two trout which were feeding in it.

 Teresa who I took rafting last week sent me a pic of the trout she stole off me which is now on the wall in Tauranga. This fish was caught last season after reading my blogs on the Stag pool,now that is a smart woman!! Well done on a great fish it must have given you a great fight and any one that lands one of these deserves it to be on the wall.

Hope you are all managing to get out and about and if I can be of any help to you in the next week or so drop me a line and we can have a chat about it. Plenty of fish out there guys you just have to put yourself in the right place with the right gear to get into them.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas