Hi again,

With settled weather conditions the last few days most anglers have been happy on the rivers being un fased by wind or cold starts. In-fact some of the days have ended up very warm which has pulled fish to the surface for some of the last dry fly will see this year. I have been on the Tongariro and out the Mohaka and whatever they are taking from the surface has been very small so flies like Para Adams and Clinkhammers have worked very well in size #16 and #18.

The Tongariro has some really nice looking Rainbows in at the moment but at times it can be tricky getting past those smaller fish which seem to be everywhere at the moment. The first Rainbows which start to run the rivers at this time of year can be some of the best in both size and condition and it is  a real treat to catch a solid silver bullet while the weather is still nice and river low.

The winter season is fast coming upon us so start making sure you have your winter woolies, heavy bombs and glo bugs tied up ready for the first pods of spawning trout to come through. The winter fishing is generally our busiest time on the rivers with anglers making the most of the abundance of trout which makes finding river to yourself at times very hard unless you are at the pool with your headlamp on. It is actually mainly locals or kiwis which fish the most in the winter leaving all the summer fishing for the toursits which are on holiday escaping their winter. In my opinion the tourists are getting the best fishing and the summer fishing is the Tongariro’s best kept secret which we keep telling you about but you don’t seem to come up. The Tongarrio is  huge piece of the water which is open to all levels of skill and fishing methods and on the right day usually mid week you can literally have the entire river to yourself.

Backcountry has again been very good but with the Easter break coming up I will assume it will be again crowded and the fish will once again get a flogging putting them down for a few weeks again. The Mohaka and small streams supporting this mighty river have been very productive over the past few weeks but with them being open to spin fisherman and very close to public access they should get picked over. This pressure will not be restrited to one set of rivers or area but all rivers of New Zealand espicially famous places like the Whakapappa and Wanganui.

I have been making the most of the week prior to this busy period and took Kunio from Japan out there for a big day of walking and catching great fish. Apparently in Japan a good fish would be about half of pound so when he hooked up in the first 4 pools to strong 3lb trout he could not believe what he was seeing and experiencing. Japanese are very good fisherman generally and Kunio did not let me down with some amazing casting a good understanding of where fish lie in a pool .

Fishing with Kunio yesterday really made me realize how lucky we are to have the scenery, the water and the fish that we do as he was totally blown away with the mountains and scenery and the lack of fisherman  on our waterways. The North Island does not seem to get many Japanese fisherman as the marketing of the South Island seems much stronger so after the great day we had yesterday I hope between the two of us we can drag a few of your mates out here for a week long adventure.

Be safe over the break guys and enjoy your holidays.

Andrew Christmas