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As expected the Taupo rivers have been extremely busy over Easter with most anglers paying particular attention to the Tongariro river as it has the best water flow. We are in desperate need of rain at the moment and some of the smaller rivers are getting very low which is not enticing to trout. The Waitahanui being spring fed will be holding fish quite well as the river will be cold and holding at a natural level. This river is a lovely river to take a stroll up and on most days fish can be polaroided sitting amongst weed beds in the  gin clear water.

I have guided the last few days on the Tongariro and with the crowds of anglers have found it very hard to settle into one place and relax. Either fish have all been spooked or just have mouths locked shut as most guides have ended in a few small fish hooked but nothing to write home about. I took Sam from Australia for half the day on Easter Monday with his brother and Dad and this photo above was the best fish of the morning which made his holiday to New Zealand memorable. Most anglers that seem to be doing well have been moving around alot and getting up early to beat the crowds with most fish being caught before 9am. Nymphing is the most productive at the moment as wetlining can be challenging with such low conditions.

Most of today’s photo’s have been emailed through to me by client Joe Twegg from Aus who spent four days with me in various rivers around the North Island with his favourite being the raft fishing on the upper Tongariro. Joe is  a very good fisherman and made the most of quiet rivers and his great skill in fooling many fish. The raft fishing on the Tongariro is still very productive with all anglers hooking into fish and enjoying the breathtaking scenery which is almost untouched by anglers from day to day. The best time to attack this water is the opening week of the season when the river is still holding large numbers of fish from the winter spawning runs, so give me a ring to book your trip in December.

With Easter being very busy this year I think I will keep of the rivers for a few days and let them settle down and recover from the pounding that they have received. I am crossing my fingers every night at the moment that I wake up and the rain has arrived but I think we may have to wait a little longer yet for the much needed flush. When it finally comes I feel it will be in for some time and should flood rivers fairly easily which will almost definitely trigger a fresh run from the lake with fresh fish.

On Easter Sunday I again had the pleasure to fish with my old man which is on holiday from Tasmania for three weeks. This man taught me everything I know and has taken me on all his fishing trips from the early age of 5 so I thought it was time I played one of my joker cards and showed him some of my best backcountry water. I was able to get access from some good friends and we had an absolute ball with not seeing another angler and catching some really great, fat fish. I have finally got the camera back and working again so I will post photo’s of our trip in my next blog in  a few days.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas