Hi again,

Settled weather has continued after Easter giving holiday makers some amazing days to see the area and appreciate our wonderful country. Taupo still seems to be busy with plenty of shoppers in the streets but the guiding for me is definitely starting to slow down as it always does in the winter months allowing me to spend much more time on the water.

Local rivers are still fishing fairly hard at the moment and will continue to do so until we get some solid rain which will hopefully flush them out and spur the first winter runs through. The Tongariro is still the river to be on if you are fishing the area as it seems it is the only one with a decent amount of flow in it and is still holding some good quality rainbows and solid brownies. Nymphing is the way to catch fish at the moment but even this method will have to be done with a level of skill as fish will be flighty in the clear conditions. Cover as much water as your legs will walk and keep a sharp eye on the water to polaroid any obvious fish in close.

Today I took the boat over to the delta and fished some very deep drop offs for 5 or 6 hours for only three fish which was slightly disappointing as I thought there may have been some stacked up in here waiting for the rain. The flow which is running out of the delta is quite slow and the lake level is way down so this may be why things are a little slow going at the moment. Fishing the delta is something that I don’t often get the chance to do and it really is a very relaxing alternative to fishing and would recommend it to anyone that has not seen this part of the lake before. The delta has a quick drop of so be very careful when venturing out from your boat not to step over the lip as you will soon find yourself in DEEP water which could turn nasty. Fast sinking lines are needed here for this very reason. Today I fished a heave leave tailed by a smelt pattern which I slowly retrieved, all fish taking the bright orange heave and leave? Smelt are at the delta and we could see a few fish smelting in the calmer water so having a floating line with a smelt pattern ready to throw would be worth setting up.

We still need a good flood in the rivers or just some solid rain which we were supposed to get latter in the week along with the rest of the country but it seems it has again been stood down to just a trickle with light rain forecast. Eventually our run of steady good weather will run out and we will start to feel a real winter with cold starts and plenty of heavy rain and snow.

I have been reading with great interest the proceedings of all the poaching that has been going on in lake Taupo by certain Maori and simply cant believe what I read . We all know that a certain amount of this goes on but what I cant get my head around is the mentality of some of these guys-they are cutting their own throats. Someone who thinks that they have a right to net a river and stop spawningfish getting to their spawning grounds to re-produce have got rocks in their heads and deserve to be caught and prosecuted. To think they have a right to feed the family from catching ample amounts of trout is crazy as they are an introduced species for the sole purpose of sport and they have no right to harvest for any reason. If these guys decided that they loved trout that much the best and cheapest way for them to get them would be to buy a fishing permit and keep three per day on the lead up to family occasions using sporting methods that need skill like fly fishing-this will not happen with these people. DOC have done a fantastic job along with the public in catching these guys and any help with further offences with a simple phone call to DOC would be very much appreciated.

As you can see by the picture above the old man has been at it again and has managed to land another good fish this time from the Waitahanuie using a big bright orange glo bug. There are still some good browns in this river but many of them are sleeping or have lock jaw and getting them to feed can be difficult. This fish was nymphed to with standard nymphs with no reaction but when presented with a big juicy glo bug  he hoovered the fly down of the first cast. Quite often fish can be tempted with something bright and ugly especially if it is a jack which is angry from being tapped on the nose with a nymphing rig so stay persistent and don’t give up on them.

Lets hope for a drizzle of rain and hope to see you flocking up here in the next few weeks.

Tight lines